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President Begaj Holds Special Meeting with Albanians Living in Poland

During his visit to Poland, President Bajram Begaj of the Republic of Albania conducted a special meeting with Albanians residing there.

The meeting was attended by students, IT experts working in local and international companies, bankers, investors, and healthcare professionals.

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During the discussion, President Begaj learned about their individual experiences of integrating into Polish society and expressed his support for any initiative or project that enhances their professional growth and achievements, which also bring honor to Albania.

The President emphasized that the institution he leads has its doors open to all Albanians. “We are always indebted to you,” President Begaj stated, highlighting the fact that Albania needs its sons and daughters who have left, to return or invest their energies for the good of their homeland. In this context, he referred to the model of the writer Ismail Kadare, noting that Kadare had elevated Albania’s stature worldwide, and thus is honored for all his contributions.

The discussion also covered issues related to the facilities that the Albanian state could offer. President Begaj expressed support for the initiatives of Albanian parents teaching their native language to their children born in Poland, stating, “A nation without its language is dead.” He praised the “I am Albanian” program initiated by the Albanian government, initially applied in neighboring countries.

Regarding the acquisition of Albanian citizenship for children born abroad, the President assured the community in Poland that all spaces and procedures are available for them to be provided with passports.

The meeting also touched on the social security agreement between Albania and Poland, which President Begaj expressed confidence would soon be finalized.

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Responding to the Albanian community’s interest in the Diaspora vote, President Begaj emphasized that it is the duty of the parliament to fulfill this constitutional right for every Albanian. “Voting is an inalienable constitutional right that no one can deny,” said the President, who noted that during his tenure, he has held several meetings with Albanians living abroad and has repeatedly emphasized the necessity of exercising this right and responsibility.

The meeting with the Albanian community in Poland also addressed regional security issues, the role of the Albanian factor, support for Kosovo, and efforts towards Albania’s full integration into the European Union.