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President Begaj: The Diaspora – The Business Card of Albania in the World. Albanian Citizens Abroad Must Have the Opportunity to Exercise Their Constitutional Right to Vote

The President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Mr. Bajram Begaj, participated today in the Third Summit of the Diaspora in Tirana.

During his address to the participants, President Begaj honored the sacrifices of Albanians who have left the country, their contribution to Albania through investments in the country, and the spread of a positive image of the country worldwide.

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“The Diaspora is the most efficient promoter of our culture and identity, the business card of Albania in the world. You, on your path filled with sacrifices, have never forgotten Albania. Each one of you, according to your capabilities, has always contributed to the nation.

Albania cannot afford to neglect the Diaspora. We must not see it as a detached part but as a natural extension of our culture and identity. History teaches us that our country has only benefited from its sons and daughters abroad.”

The State Head presented concrete initiatives at the Summit to ensure decision-making opportunities and political representation.

“Firstly, there is the vote. Albanian citizens abroad must have the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right to vote without needing to come to Albania. They should vote according to a model successfully applied by many other countries. This will transform the Diaspora into a direct actor in the political and administrative configuration of Albania.

Secondly, the Diaspora should have political representation to give voice to the priorities of Albanians outside the country. All these processes cannot be accomplished overnight, but they are not unachievable objectives and, above all, are necessary initiatives for us Albanians to be together, even though we are far apart.”

President Begaj appealed for the preservation of identity through the native language. At this Summit, the President extended special thanks to teachers and educators for their dedication and commitment to transmitting the Albanian language in preserving our national identity.

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He urged Albanian parents to consider teaching their children the native language as fundamental, stating, “The teaching and quality of using the Albanian language should be priorities that unite us. See this rare and rich language at the heart of Europe as an investment in your future.”

President Begaj invited Albanians abroad to invest in the country with their ideas, projects, and enterprises in the economy and tourism sectors.

During the Summit, the State Head emphasized the importance of unity among Albanians in function of a prosperous future for Albania.