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President Begaj and the First Lady Unite Children from Various Regions of Albania for June 1st Celebrations; A Commitment to Loving Every Child, Respecting Teachers, and Supporting Parents of Children with Disabilities!

President Bajram Begaj of the Republic of Albania and the First Lady hosted children from all over Albania today on June 1st.

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The celebration brought together children from Vau Dejës Municipality, the Durres Children’s Cultural Center, the “Hannah and Rozafa” orphanage in Tirana, “Ramazan Kabashi” school in Tirana, and children of the staff from the American Embassy in Tirana and the Presidential Institution.

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The President and the First Lady thanked the young attendees for joining the celebration of this beloved day and wished that all children’s dreams and wonderful desires come true.

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Amidst the joyful sounds of the celebration, hundreds of balloons were released into the sky by the children as a symbol of their soaring dreams.

Talents from the capital and schools from other cities moved the attendees with their songs, dances, and messages promoting inclusion, love, respect, and understanding for each other, their parents, grandparents, and teachers.

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The Tirana Circus artists and jovial animators also contributed to the entertainment on this special June 1st.

During the festival, children enjoyed music, dancing, singing, and games, sharing their unique experiences and conveying a message of supporting each other to overcome challenges.

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This festive event for June 1st, initiated by Mrs. Begaj, has now become an annual tradition in recognition of their special day.

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The celebration was made possible through the kindness of Credins Bank, BKT and OTP, Albsig, Agna Group, Jumbo, Geraldina Sposa, Era Event Catering, M&D, Dedja Group, Le Bon, and Miell Tirana.

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