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President Begaj’s remarks in the meeting with representatives of institutions and structures engaged in the elections of May 14th

Honorable Ambassadors,

 Esteemed heads of institutions and structures engaged in the organization, administration and evaluation of the electoral process,

 Distinguished representatives of media,

 Dear participants,


I consider this meeting very important, as ensuring electoral standards, guarantees a power that represents the will of Albanian citizens.

A fair, impartial election process based entirely on the constitution and law is an essential obligation to our country.

With the justice system reform and the beginning of membership negotiations in the European Union, our country has clearly opened a new page in the history of Albanian democracy.

Democratic processes in Albania have been built, developed and strengthened with the contribution of every citizen engaged inside and outside the country.

The institutions you represent have the major responsibility of the presentation, management, and performance of the entire election process according to democratic standards.

The good managment of these elections on your part, according to the responsibilities assigned to you by law, must fulfill these inviolable standards, in order for these elections, to not simply be described as better than those of the previous years.

It is natural for political parties to be involved in the electoral campaign with all the enthusiasm that political offers represent, but none of the institutional actors responsible for the smooth running of the electoral process, cannot be a part of that.

Political parties must only present the offer!

This offer must be presented as clearly and transparently as possible.

Previous occurrences have often confronted us with negative phenomena and illegal forms as part of the election campaign, for which the institutions have not always reacted appropriately to them.

Today, the electoral legal framework is more complete and the protective instruments are more advanced.

The phenomena of buying and selling votes, misuse of state resources, illegal and non-transparent financing of political parties, disruption or manipulation of the electoral process are intolerable.

The police, as well as all other responsible institutions, must react to any phenomenon that may affect the electoral process.

Election organizers and monitors, as well as all institutions involved in the process, must work impartially and responsibly.

You are the defenders of the election standards, you are the guarantors of the free and fair elections. You are the guarantors of Albanian democracy.

Each voter must exercise the constitutional duty through vote, which must reflect their will and no one else’s.

It is incumbent on us that the citizens have a voice, the right to choose and be decisive on the fate of the proposals on the basis of the programs that are presented to them.

Ideas and initiatives must be supported in order for Albania to protect and strengthen its great natural, cultural and human potential.

Institutional electoral actors, as well as media actors, have the same responsibility as the political parties, for citizens to be heard and respected, and for this campaign to be  freeing  and  not a barrier for a power that is entirely in the function of the citizen.

I seize the opportunity, to call on all subjects involved in the electoral campaign, not to consider the competition as an opportunity to speak ill of each other, but to engage in a competition with the most innovative ideas in order to improve the lives of citizens, their socioeconomic development, while preserving the culture, traditions, as well as protecting the environment of each of the local units of our country.

The ethics of competition and communication should radiate citizenship, courtesy and respect, not negativity, hostility nor aggressiveness; arguments and not insults, choice of possibilities and not threats; mutual respect and not hostility towards each other.

This is the spirit in which a natural public debate should be conducted before an election process.

The media is also one of the important actors to guarantee an election process as free and fair as possible.

You ought to support journalists in their mission of conveying the voice of the citizens, as well as support them to impartially present the entire process and platforms of the candidates.

The organization of fair, free, genuine elections and the fulfillment of the will of the citizens are an inseparable part of the aspiration of European Albania, which aims to strengthen trust in the institutions of our country and take safe steps towards EU membership.

For these two aspirations, these elections have a decisive role.

Whereas You,

Political parties,

All of us together,

we have the responsibility to fulfill this role!

Dear participants,

Every moment of this election process, in me you will find an attentive listener, and at the Institution of the President, you will find an unwavering support.

Within your mandates and in fulfillment of the constitutional obligations, I invite you to be the organizers, guarantors and assessors of an election process with standards, quality, impartiality and democracy in respect to the vote of every Albanian and the European aspirations of Albania.

Also, of an election process that under no circumstances distorts or alienates the free will and vote of Albanian citizens.

Taking everything into account, allow me to convey a message to all the voters of my country:

Dear fellow-citizens,

Local elections give you the opportunity to improve your everyday life, starting from the street you pass on every day, the neighborhood where your children grow up, as well as the city or village where you live.

Thus please, in this election with immediate effects on your daily life, exercise your will well-informed and completely free.

Any intimidation or blackmail must be denounced and condemned!

I invite you to exercise the right and power of your vote with all the force it deserves, fulfilling our civic obligation.

Elections are NOT for political parties,

they are for Albanian citizens, for Albania.

Thank you!