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President Begaj receives U.S. senators, Chris Murphy and Gary Peters

The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj received today the U.S. senators, Chris Murphy and Gary Peters, who are visiting Albania as part of a regional tour. In this meeting, they were accompanied by the U.S. Ambassador to Albania, Mrs. Yuri Kim.

President Begaj hailed the visit of the U.S. senators, and appreciated the increased attention and interest of the U.S. Congress in the developments regarding the Western Balkans region. The numerous recent visits, not only by officials of the U.S. administration in charge of the Western Balkans, but also by representatives of the two houses of Congress, are the best expression of this increased attention.

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President Begaj appreciated the excellent relations with the United States of America, and underlined that for Albania and Albanians, the United States remain the main strategic partner and their greatest friend and ally.

The Head of State hailed the very good cooperation that the two countries have had, especially in the last two years at the United Nations Security Council, where they have taken joint initiatives to condemn the unprovoked and unjustified Russian military aggression in Ukraine through various resolutions.

In this context, President Begaj also focused on the new challenges that the Western Balkans region is facing, as well as the increase in threatening activity by malicious third actors towards Euro-Atlantic developments in the region.

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President Begaj also expressed his gratitude for the cooperation and support that the U.S. specialized agencies are giving in dealing with cyberattacks. The main aim of these cyberattacks is to damage the digital infrastructure of the Albanian state.

Whereas, referring to the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, President Begaj underlined the need to translate the Ohrid public agreement between the parties into a legally binding and internationally recognized agreement. The normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, focused on mutual recognition, would have a very positive impact on the security and progress of the Western Balkan region, President Begaj underlined.