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President Begaj receives the credential letters of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark, H.E.Mr. Christian Grønbech-Jensen

The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj, received the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark, H.E.Mr. Christian Grønbech-Jensen, on the occasion of presenting the credential letters. In the meeting with the Ambassador of Denmark, the President focused on the very good relations that exist between Denmark and Albania.

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The Head of State emphasized that between Albania and Denmark, interest has increased to further develop political and economic cooperation. Also, taking advantage of the direct flight lines, it is observed an increase in the number of Danish tourists visiting Albania at different times.

In terms of relations in international organizations, it was noted with pleasure, that Denmark and Albania share and cooperate closely as in the UN, where Albania has a non-permanent seat in the Security Council, but also in other organizations of mutual interest.