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President Begaj received in a meeting the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Reinout Vos

The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj, received in a courtesy meeting today, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E.Mr. Reinout Vos.

During the meeting, President Begaj appreciated the very good and cooperative relations, that exist between the two countries.

The Head of State expressed his gratitude for the support recently given by the Dutch institutions for the opening of EU accession negotiations, considering the latter, a step with a significant impact on the progress of the country’s European integration process.

President Begaj, also appreciated the essential help, that the Netherlands has given in the framework of the justice reform, through support programs for the implementation of the law, as well as in the strengthening of order and security capacities.

President Begaj paid special attention to economic cooperation, expressing the belief, that the undertaken reforms will create further areas of cooperation, especially in the field of energy, tourism and agriculture.

The two interlocutors, also focused on the various developments in the Western Balkan region and the need to strengthen this cooperation, especially in the new conditions created after the Russian aggression in Ukraine.