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President Begaj attended the “Gusht e n’Fest” event in Gramsh

The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj and the First Lady Armanda Begaj attended the opening of the “Gusht e n’Fest” event in Gramsh. On this occasion, the Head of State addressed all those present stating that he sees “Gusht e n’Fest” as an opportunity to promote the tourism potential of the town of Gramsh.

“I want to convey this beautiful holiday of yours to every Albanian family along with you.”

The Head of State underlined that Gramsh has all the conditions to further develop sustainable tourism – a tourism that, while offering the best to its visitors, also considers the development perspective of the area, respects nature, traditions, and above all the community.

The culinary and artisan fair is one of the activities organized during “Gusht e n’Fest”. The local products of the area are not only part of the culinary wealth of Gramsh, but also a meeting point among the Albanian lands.

President Begaj expressed his appreciation for the fair stating that: “We are also here today in this interesting initiative of the Municipality of Gramsh to promote the crafts and handicrafts made by the ladies of Gramsh. For us, supporting cultural heritage means promoting and highlighting its importance”.

For the Head of State, it is important not only to know the culinary, agro-tourism or cultural tradition, but also to preserve, appreciate and encourage it, so that it is not lost, and it is passed on to new generations.

During their visit to the town of Gramsh, President Begaj and the First Lady attended several activities prepared in honour of “Gusht e n’Fest”. The President also paid a visit to the Holta Canyons.

Mr. Besion Ajazi, the Mayor of Gramsh, accompanied President Begaj during his visit.

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