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President Begaj met with Prime Minister Kurti and Speaker Konjufca: My unwavering support for Kosova and its interests


The President of the Republic, H. E. Bajram Begaj held today afternoon meetings with the Speaker of the Assembly of Kosova, H. E. Glauk Konjufca and with the Prime Minister, H. E. Albin Kurti.

presidenti begaj kryeparlamentari konjufca presidenti begaj kryeparlamentari konjufca2

The Head of State declared that Kosova and its institutions will find a loyal supporter and unwavering friend to their interests at the President of Albania.

President Begaj hailed the commitment of the two governments to hold a National Assembly on November 28th, 2022, a moment that, according to Him, will convey to the entire Albanian people and to the international community as well messages of the unity of the Albanian factor and of our aspirations for development, peace and the best democratic values.

presidenti begaj kryeministri kurti2The President of the Republic praised the maturity of Kosova’s institutions in facing with the crisis of July 31st and supported the legitimate right of Kosova to extend its authority and establish the rule of law in the north of the country, in cooperation with the USA and the European Union as well.

During the meetings with Prime Minister Kurti and Speaker Konjufca, the Head of State emphasized that the joint language primer will be ready for the 110th anniversary of Albania’s Independence and that it will also be worked to accomplish the major project of the Albanian Encyclopedia.