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President Begaj meets with the Mayor of Shkodra and other local dignitaries during his visit in Shkodra

The President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Mr. Bajram Begaj paid an official visit to the city of Shkodra

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The first stop of the presidential official visit to the northern city was at the Municipality, where he was received by the Mayor, Mr. Bardh Spahia and the Municipal Council Chair, Mrs. Brisela Kadija.

The Head of State noted: “Local government institutions should be close to citizens through their decisions, especially in these times of economic difficulties and with price increase, resulting from the current international crisis. Transparency in decision-making, good governance and consultations with the local community and interest groups should be the common work practice for all elected institutions”.

Next, the President of the Republic participated in the ceremony commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the “28 Nëntori” Secondary School in Shkodër.

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In his keynote speech, delivered at the ceremony, attended by Ministry of Education representatives, local government officials, teachers and students, the President stated: “We honour the work and contribution of many generations of teachers, leaders and students of this secondary school, an emblem of the city and its spirit of love for education.

I express my gratitude to the illustrious personalities of education this school has produced, to the teachers for their professionalism and commitment, to the students for their high achievements, because it is the contribution of so many people that has laid and consolidated the foundations of the Albanian history of education.

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Availing of this opportunity, President Begaj conferred the “Honour of the Nation” award to the “28 Nëntori” Secondary School, the first secular school opened in the city, in recognition of  “The contribution given in the education and edification of generations throughout a century”.

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Subsequently, meetings were held with the County Prefect, Ms. Majlinda Angoni and County Council representatives.

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Meetings were also held with religious community leaders. The President expressed his appreciation for their personal contribution and that of the respective religious communities, in nurturing excellent inter-religious relations and religious tolerance in the city of Shkodra.


The President met with the Shkodra Mufti, Imam Muhamed Sytari, Monsignor Angelo Massafra,

Archbishop of Shkodra-Pulti Catholic Archbishopric and father Aleksandër Petani, priest of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church in Shkodër.