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President Begaj meets with representatives of Albanian associations in Croatia

During the state visit in Croatia, the President of the Republic H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj, held a meeting with representatives of Albanian associations in Croatia.

President Begaj greeted all those present, whom he considered a natural connecting bridge between Albania and Croatia.

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“Through your dedication in your daily work, in your family, in the district and in the community you belong to, but also through the preservation and transmission of the highest values of the Albanian nation, you have made it possible to further strengthen the friendship between the two peoples and two countries”, said President Begaj.

The Head of State further stated that it is a great pleasure to hear that the Albanian community in Croatia is a constructive and dedicated part of Croatian society.

“During my Presidential mandate, I will make sure that the Albanian diaspora remains in the center of attention, wherever it is” – the President said in his remark.

Without the social, economic and political contribution of the diaspora, Albania cannot be complete and advanced.
In addition, President Begaj also stated that it is up to everyone to do their part, so that every Albanian who chooses to live his life in Albania has the conditions necessary to support this life.

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One of the initiatives that President Begaj has paid attention to, since the beginning of his mandate has been the right of the Albanian diaspora to vote.
In this context, the President stated that Albania is on a good path to accomplish such a thing in the elections of 2025.

In the end of his remark, the President wished the Albanian diaspora in Croatia to continue to be a source of pride for Albania.