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President Begaj meets with Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Representative at UN and UN Security Council

H.E. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Representative to the United Nations and UN Security Council, was received in a special meeting today by the President of the Republic of Albania, H.E Mr. Bajram Begaj.

President Begaj noted that her visit in Tirana is quite meaningful, in the view of the 100 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

President Begaj highlighted that the United States are Albania’s and Albanians’ main strategic partner, appreciating the common good will to strengthen and deepen the cooperation and dialogue between the two countries. “Cooperation in the field of defense, cyber security, energy and transport, etc., has added significant substance to our relations and their future in the ensuing 100 years”, noted President Begaj.


The Head of State appreciated the support provided by the Ambassador Greenfield and her collaborators to the Albanian Mission at the UN Security Council.  Praising the trust the United States has invested on Albania, as a loyal and steady ally in the UN Security Council and the Western Balkans region, President Begaj underlined “We feel proud and honored that the U.S considers Albania an very important reference partner in the Western Balkans”.

President Begaj expressed his gratitude on the enormous U.S. provided to Albania in the process of the establishment and consolidation of democratic institutions and rule of law.

“Thanks to the extensive and meaningful support from the United States, we now have a new functioning justice system, crucial for the European integration process of our country”, President Begaj confirmed.


President Begaj talked about the recent developments in the Western Balkans region, expressing his appreciation of the US engagement and unreplaceable role, particularly with respect to the progress of the dialogue between Kosova and Serbia, as an important contribution to regional peace and security.

President Begaj commended the U.S. stance and Greenfield’s personal role on revising UNMIK’s role and status in Kosova. “It is very important that the UN recognizes the incredible progress in Kosova, in building a democratic state and rule of law, as well as its contribution to peace and security in Southeastern Europe, a fact already admitted by more than half of the member states of the organization”, the Head of State underlined.

President Begaj expressed his appreciation of the support provided following the recent cyber -attacks from Iranian state agencies. Speaking about the impact of these attacks and the measures undertaken by the Albanian institutions, the Head of State expressed Albania’s willingness and determination to stand by the U.S.A. in the fight against international terrorism and violent extremism.