Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj is received in a meeting by the President of Kosovo Osmani, whom he congratulated on Independence Day

The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj was received today in Pristina, by the President of the Republic of Kosovo, H.E.Mrs. Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu, whom he congratulated on behalf of all Albanians, for the 15th anniversary of Kosovo Independence Day. ‘15 years are a short time for a nation, and moreover for an ancient nation. But these 15 years of Kosovo’s Independence have demonstrated in an exemplary manner and synthesized the best and centuries-old values of the Albanian nation.’

President Begaj appreciated the excellent progress of interstate relations and considered them not only fraternal and of a strategic nature, but also very dynamic, demonstrated through the common will to intensify them further.

While appreciating these unique relations for the stability, security, sustainable development and Euro-Atlantic perspective of both states, President Begaj said that, ‘Independent Kosovo has not only given its citizens the deserved and long-awaited state dignity, but at the same time has made our region more peaceful and safe, as well as the Albanian nation free to rediscover the unjustly missing path of national cooperation’.

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President Begaj paid special attention to Kosovo’s contribution to the peace and security of the region, but not only, underlining that, ‘Kosovo today radiates the highest western and democratic values in the protection of ethnic minorities and human rights, as well as despite being a new state, is showing full humanity and solidarity for Ukraine and its people, militarily attacked by Russia’.

The Head of State also emphasized Albania’s staunch support for Kosovo’s authorities and institutions in addressing the provocations and challenges they are facing, both in the context of negotiations with Serbia, as well as in the framework of the process of recognition and membership in international and regional organizations. ‘No one can prevent Kosovo from building a free and independent future for itself and its citizens, and no one can threaten its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Albania will always be by Kosovo’s side!’, underlined President Begaj.

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Meanwhile, focusing on the European and Euro-Atlantic journey of Kosovo, President Begaj expressed the full support of Albania, as well as the belief, that soon the citizens of Kosovo, like all the citizens of this region, will be able to travel without visa, with dignity in the territory of the European Union. ‘Our common future, of our two states and of the Albanian nation, is in the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance as heritage and national orientation, but also as a common value and contribution to the peace, security and progress of our region’, said President Begaj.

For her part, President Osmani thanked President Begaj for the fraternal congratulations and expressed her gratitude for Albania’s comprehensive support throughout this difficult journey of Kosovo’s Independence.