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President Begaj awards decorations to artists Haliti and Cerga

The President of the Republic of Albania, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj, today, decorated the painter Helidon Haliti the title of “Grand Master” with the motivation: “In recognition of his rich artistic activity in figurative art, acknowledged as the “Master of watercolors”, and as an intellectual engaged in the education of society with cultural and artistic values. In appreciation of the promotion of Albanian art through exhibitions inside and outside the country, contributing to the improvement of Albania’s image.”

Untitled Artwork 71 scaledIn his remark, President Begaj described Helidon Haliti as a modern contemporary and surrealist painter to the limits of magical realism, as defined by art critics, but his inspiration from Albanian themes makes him more special, and also makes the recognition given today relevant.

Untitled Artwork 41 scaledSuch an honor, the title “Grand Master” was also awarded today to the actor Ardian Cerga with the motivation: “In appreciation of the achievement of outstanding roles, both on cinema screen  and theater stage, proving originality in his artistic profile. In recognition of the passion and talent with which he created very unique and beloved characters for the Albanian and Italian public, leaving an indelible mark on Albanian cinematography.”

Untitled Artwork 21 scaledThe President of the Republic emphasized that Ardian Cerga is the case where from the start you create a prominent profile, become individualized and then receive the love of art lovers. His characters continue to be admired and worshiped even today. He knew how to present himself and represent Albanian art in Italian cinematography, which undoubtedly makes us proud.

Untitled Artwork 7 scaledFriends in the art world and family members of the two Grand Masters, Haliti and Cerga, were present today at the Institution of the President of the Republic to follow their decoration, as well as to share together the emotions of a well-deserved recognition, dedicated to their work as a legacy left to young artists.