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President Begaj attends the inauguration ceremonies of the newly elected President of Montenegro, Jakov Milatović

The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj attended the inauguration ceremonies of the newly elected President of Montenegro, H.E.Mr. Jakov Milatović, President of a neighboring and friendly country, that Albania shares a common Euro-Atlantic vision and interests.

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While congratulating President Milatović, President Begaj underlined the very good neighborly relations that exist between the two countries.  Also, referring to the very good example that both countries have given in the framework of regional cooperation, President Begaj expressed the belief that these relations will be strengthened and expanded even more during the presidential mandate of President Milatović. “As two allied countries in NATO and in the accession negotiation process to the European Union, our countries are active contributors to peace and security in our region, but not only”, President Begaj said.

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In particular, the Head of State appreciated the important role played by the Albanian factor in Montenegro for the stability, independence and Euro-Atlantic future of this neighboring and friendly country, as well as expressed the belief that this community will continue to have the attention and support of President Milatović and the Montenegrin institutions. “The presence of Albanians in Montenegro and the Montenegrin minority in Albania are strong bridges of friendship and cooperation, that we must support and promote more” – President Begaj underlined.

These ceremonies were attended by a number of heads of state and government from the countries of the Southeast European region, as well as many high-ranking European and U.S. officials.

During his one-day visit to Montenegro, President Begaj made a stop in the town of Tuzi, where he met with representatives of Albanian factor in Montenegro.

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President Begaj assured them of the attention and unwavering support of the Albanian institutions for all issues and concerns faced by the Albanian minority in Montenegro.

In particular, President Begaj appreciated in this meeting the very constructive role that the Albanians and the Albanian political forces in Montenegro have played, both for stability and within the country’s Euro-Atlantic processes.

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