Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj answers reporters at the press conference with NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg


*- President Begaj, the policy of open doors and the expansion of NATO have been a historic success and have strengthened the Alliance. In your speech, you described the expansion of NATO with Sweden and Finland as an obligation – on the other hand, you expressed your conviction that it is the right time for the Republic of Kosovo to join NATO. Do you think that Kosovo’s membership is necessary while NATO is present there through KFOR?

*President Begaj’s answer* – NATO is present in the Western Balkans, especially in Kosovo with the presence of KFOR. KFOR is a success story, a guarantor of security and peace in the region, and security in the region, security in Albania, in Kosovo – is security for Europe, security for NATO.

I think that Kosovo has been an independent state for 15 years, a state which is working daily to build an establishment of rule of law, with a clear Euro-Atlantic vision. Albania supports Kosovo in its journey, in the membership processes, in international or regional organizations.

One of these is NATO, therefore I think that apart from the presence of KFOR, the Kosovo Security Force being present in various international missions, would be an added value of the Alliance.

The Washington Treaty has made possible for the Alliance to be created on some principles and values, where any open door policy would make possible for countries like Finland, Sweden or Kosovo to bring added values to the Alliance.