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On World Mental Health Day, Mrs. Begaj States: “Together, We Can Build a Healthier Future for Mind and Spirit!”

“Everyone is susceptible to phenomena that can undermine mental well-being, but our children, adolescents, and young people are even more vulnerable. The times we are navigating through life have presented us with tragic events: the pandemic, wars, and climate change. While information is power, its abuse can be society’s greatest downfall.

Let’s share our feelings of anxiety, depression, or any other challenges that leave marks and burden our mental space, revealing our struggles with adaptability and communication!

Let’s ensure a tolerant and supportive environment for all, devoid of stigma and discrimination! No one should feel alone, battling silently!

Together, we can effect change! Together, we can assist one another!

Together, we can construct a healthier future for both the mind and spirit!”