Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

kredenciale amb izraelit2


The new Ambassador of the State of Israel, H.E.Ms. Galit Peleg, presented the credential letters to President Begaj

kredenciale amb izraelit

The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj, received today the credencial letters  of the Ambassador of the State of Israel to our country, H.E.Ms. Galit Peleg.

President Begaj wished success to Ambassador Galit Peleg in fulfilling her diplomatic mission to Albania and expressed the will to further strengthen relations between our two countries.

The Head of State and Ambassador Peleg emphasized the importance of cooperation in the field of security, the fight against terrorism, especially in the protection of digital infrastructure from cyber attacks.

President Begaj and Ambassador Galit Peleg also appreciated the importance of cooperation in the field of economy and culture, underlining the rich history of cooperation between our two countries.