Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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Message from the President of the Republic, H.E. Mr. Bajram Begaj, on the 16th Anniversary of the Declaration of Kosova as a Republic

Mr. Ambassador,

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen,

Today is a special day to celebrate; February 17th marks the culmination of the Albanian people of Kosovo’s dreams for freedom and independence. The independence of the Republic of Kosova opened a new chapter in the history of the Albanian nation.

The Albanians will always be grateful to our Euro-Atlantic friends who helped and supported us in realizing our centuries-old aspirations.

It was NATO’s intervention in 1999 that marked a turning point for the Albanian people and the citizens of Kosova.

Thank you for standing by the Albanian nation and choosing action over indifference towards Kosova. This day is a great opportunity to honor and appreciate all those who contributed to Kosova’s independence, from its visionary and peaceful President, Mr. Rugova, to the heroes of the KLA, especially the Jashari family, which has become a symbol of the struggle for liberation.

The birth of Europe’s newest state was a challenge. But in just under two decades, Kosova has made extraordinary steps in building its institutions and a democratic, multi-ethnic society.

Through efforts, achievements, and many difficulties, Kosova now has a perspective of development and prosperity on the horizon.

Today, Kosova is a success story in the Balkans in respecting human rights, with its vibrant culture and the youthful energy of a people looking forward.

An independent Kosova is a positive, peace-loving, and significant factor for security in our region.

We are two states but one nation, with one language and one culture. We must seize this golden opportunity to show that we are capable of building modern states based on democratic principles of good governance.

The relations and cooperation between our two states are naturally strategic, of indispensable importance, and play a unique role in the stability, security, sustainable development, and our common Euro-Atlantic perspective and the entire region.

Economic aspects and improving the daily lives of our citizens should highlight cooperation.

Our countries’ economies should complement each other as we utilize comparative advantages to be more competitive regionally and beyond.

Naturally, in the context of a deteriorating global security situation, security cooperation must take priority.

The terrorist attack against Kosova’s police in Banjskë a few months ago shows how fragile peace and security in the region are.

Closer cooperation and coordination with strategic allies, the USA, and the EU are essential.

Equally important is the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.

Facilitated by the EU and strongly supported by the United States, the continuation of dialogue is the only way towards peace, normalization of relations, and Kosova’s membership in regional and international organizations.

In closing, I assure you that Albania will continue, determinedly, its commitment to supporting Kosova.

We will keep working for continuous international recognition and jointly promote peace and stability in the region and support the Albanian people’s aspirations for a more prosperous future.

Thank you!