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Interview of the President of the Republic, H.E. Bajram Begaj for the Albanian Radio Television – “Pa Censurë” programme, by the journalist Elona Meço

Elona Meço: Good evening! Tonight “Pa Censurë” is taking place at the premises of the Institution of the President, conducting an interview with the President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Bajram Begaj.

 Mr. President, I thank you for being with us today on “Pa Censurë” and I greatly appreciate your presence on the Albanian Public Television, through our show.

President Bajram Begaj: Thank you! Good evening, the pleasure is all mine!

Elona Meço: Mr. President, let’s start the interview without delay. 6 months have passed since you assumed the office, I believe that there are no more mysteries in the work of the President. Is this job what you expected it to be?

President Bajram Begaj: It is true. In fact, time flies quickly and engagements keep increasing. In these past 6 months, I have never tried to search for the mysteries of the office of the President. In these 6 months, there has been an extraordinary commitment of the Institution of the President to fulfil all agenda obligations. 3 presidents have already officially visited the Institution of the President, namely: the President of Italy, Azerbaijan and Germany. Also, prime ministers and other illustrious international authorities have been our guests. Beyond the privilege of being the President of the State, I focus on the responsibility of representing the unity of the people, the unity of the expectations and aspirations of the Albanian nation.

 Elona Meço: So, is it worth being the President, even though you have fewer powers than previous presidents, as a result of the Justice Reform, for example?

 President Bajram Begaj: I do not measure the office of the President by the number of powers. I measure it by the responsibility and honesty in accomplishing my duties, in full respect of the Constitution and in full application of the laws. I believe that there is no more important power than the protection of the Constitution.

Elona Meço: Mr. President, we hope that you will perform this task just as you have sworn you will – but to come to the time of your election, we do not know much about your selection as President, since the SP selection process was not transparent. We only know, by rule, that you must have been nominated by several MPs. Do you know something more about how you were selected for President, you personally, to share with the public?

President Bajram Begaj: I cannot comment on the processes of political parties. What I can say is that, based on the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, the procedure for selecting the President is a very strict one. A group of no less than 20 MPs propose the candidate, who is then presented to the Assembly for voting.

Elona Meço: Yes, this is the constitutional process, but how did we get here? Do you have an idea?

President Bajram Begaj: It is a process of political parties and I do not comment. There is no single line in the Constitution stating that the proposal for the presidential candidate must come from a political force.

Elona Meço: Mr. President, before you were elected to the highest office of the Albanian state, the prime minister declared that the country needs a law to regulate the functioning and organization of the President of the Republic, which actually is the only missing law among all constitutional bodies, stipulated in the Constitution. So far, there is no such law. Do you think a law is necessary for the organization and functioning of the office of the President?

President Bajram Begaj: As you mentioned, the President’s Institution is a constitutional body. Therefore a law on presidential functions is necessary. It is necessary to define the activity of the President of the Republic. It is necessary to make the internal institutional organization. It is necessary to determine the acts and procedures needed for the President to exercise his powers. It is necessary for the application of the recommendations from the Venice Commission and Constitutional Court.

Elona Meço: Do you have something in mind that is not yet well defined?

President Bajram Begaj: It is not a personal thing that I have in mind, but in our daily work there are some matters that need to be addressed and I believe that the best way to address them is through a presidential law.

Elona Meço: Mr. President, I believe that 6 months in office are sufficient time to establish certain institutional frameworks regarding the relations you have with other officials who run the state. How would you describe your relationship with Prime Minister Rama?

President Bajram Begaj: I do not establish new institutional frameworks. I respect and apply the existing institutional frameworks, from the first day of office. The institutional framework is the set of laws, rules, procedures, acts that regulate the functioning of the institution and the relations between institutions. In each of my previous assignments, I have rigorously implemented the institutional framework. The same now, as the President of the Republic, I do not exempt myself from the strict implementation of the institutional framework. My relationship with Prime Minister Rama and with any other political personality or not is within the established institutional framework.

Elona Meço: Has there not been any overpassing, because for example, when you receive or accompany him to the door of the Presidential building, we have seen you smiling and happy. Do you have a relationship that goes beyond that?

President Bajram Begaj: I believe that we have a family code, which teaches us to accompany  a guest to the door, as he leaves.

Elona Meço: During an interview for the Public Television of Kosovo, the mentioning of the USA caught my attention, in a positive sense, surely. Do you like to establish the profile of a pro-American President? Can we say that the USA has their own man in the Presidency, a man who supports them unconditionally?

President Bajram Begaj: Relations with the USA are of special historical and strategic importance. Such relationships and their importance are not a matter of one’s personal profile or profiles. It is more than that. Without the USA, Albania would not have the profile it has today. Our country is a worthy NATO member, we have an Albanian factor that is quite important for peace and security in the region, we have nationwide support from the USA and strong support for the integration of Albania into the EU. Without the appreciated help of the USA, the Balkans would not have the profile it has today. We have a free and independent Kosovo, we have a more communicative region, we have fewer conflicts and disagreements, we have a better and safer future. I do not believe that relationships and the importance of relationships develop on personal plans. The Albanians are USA’s natural allies.

Elona Meço: Nevertheless, can we call you a President with a pro-American profile?

President Bajram Begaj: I am Albanian. My nationality is Albanian.

Elona Meço: And as an Albanian, it means that we are all inclined towards the USA, as you just said.

President Bajram Begaj: I advise you to check the polls conducted on this subject.

Elona Meço: Because of the way the government chose to appoint you to the office of President, there is little trust from the opposition, they did not even show up for the voting session. Have you made any efforts to gain the confidence of the opposition?

President Bajram Begaj: Once again let me clarify that it is not the government that elects or appoints the President of the Republic. The procedure is very clearly defined in the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, which says “The President is elected upon the proposal made by a group of no less than 20 members of Parliament”.

Elona Meço: They were all from the government side, that’s why I referred to it as a government nomination.

President Bajram Begaj: The MPs present the nomination to the Parliament of Albania. The Assembly, in a plenary session, votes in secret and without debating on the candidate. In fact, during the entire 6 months that I have been in office, I have shown that I am impartial and at the oath-of-office ceremony before the parliament I said that I will stand above the parties.

Elona Meço: How did you do this?

President Bajram Begaj: How did I do it? In every activity, in every ceremony, in every initiative, in every tour that the President of the Republic has conducted, there have also been members of the opposition.

Elona Meço: Let me ask you, which opposition? Because the opposition is divided into two groups. And this leads me to the next question. How were you able to keep the balance between the two groups of DP? You invite one MP from the supporters of Berisha and one MP from the other group?

President Bajram Begaj: I support and respect the opposition for the values it represents. I consider the Albanian opposition very important for the country’s democratic processes. I consider it very important for its participation in the integration processes and, what is more important, in the justice reform. I communicate and will continue to do so with the Albanian opposition. I cannot determine who the leader of the opposition is, but to have good relations with them is absolutely necessary.

Elona Meço: So you are in communication with Mr. Berisha and Mr. Alibeaj, right?

 President Bajram Begaj: The staff has communication with the entire Albanian opposition.

Elona Meço: Don’t you feel boycotted by Mr. Berisha’s group? Mr. Berisha, for example, was not even present at your inauguration as President.

President Bajram Begaj: When I said earlier that I respect and apply the institutional framework, the protocol of the state was strictly implemented in this case, too.

Elona Meço: Mr. President, you recently undertook an act, the first during these 6 months to send a draft-law back to the parliament, the draft-law on decorations. Do you consider the government a danger that seeks to take every power, to control every power, even that of medals, the awarding of medals and decorations?

President Bajram Begaj: It is true that I returned the law on decorations to the parliament for reconsideration. The return of a law for reconsideration to the parliament does not place the President in a position of danger, but in respect of the Constitution. I do not think that the omission of a competence, such as the law on medals, would burden the position of the President or strengthen the position of the government. I don’t see it as a risk.

Elona Meço: What is your main concern about this law?

President Bajram Begaj: Our main concern is to respect the Constitution.

Elona Meço: Which means that the government does not obtain more powers than what the Constitution stipulates or not?

President Bajram Begaj: Every law must be within the constitutional framework and legal procedure. So, both must be respected.

Elona Meço: You do not view the government, as I understand it, as a risk for taking over the functions of other powers or other constitutional bodies like the President’s, but what is your opinion both personally and as the President during these 6 months, regarding the functioning of democracy in our country? Do we have free elections, a free market economy, all these main principles of a functioning democracy?

President Bajram Begaj: I think that democracy is like a joint enterprise. The fate of democracy depends on all of us. I have read very carefully all the evaluation reports made by international institutions, such as the Progress Report of the European Commission, the perception report of Freedom House, the report of Practices of Human Rights and Freedoms, the report of the US Department of State and many others, foreign reports and others from Albanian institutions. In all these reports,  Albania is reported to have a democracy in transition, with fragile democratic institutions. I take the opportunity to insist once again that political cooperation, parliamentary cooperation, inter-institutional cooperation is extremely necessary, to hold free and fair elections, to have a free market economy and ensure that national interests stand above personal interests, thus transforming Albania into a country with a consolidated democracy.

Elona Meço: How can we have cooperation between the parties when one party accuses the other of having bought, stolen and manipulated the elections?

President Bajram Begaj: I am not a supporter of empty rhetoric. I think that cooperation is necessary and, despite the fact that we are different people, we have different opinions and thoughts, this should not be an obstacle to sit at a table, share concerns, find ways of cooperation and ways of solution. Every person, every political force with a specific accusation against individuals or a group of individuals must address it to the competent bodies.

Elona Meço: This has happened before and competent authorities have never investigated those accused of stealing votes, such as case no. 184 and case no. 339.

President Bajram Begaj: I cannot pass judgement on the work of other institutions, especially justice institutions. The justice reform was approved by the votes of 140 members of the Parliament of Albania.

Elona Meço: Elections are ahead of us and there are always accusations of vote buying. Do you see this as a phenomenon that can also affect the upcoming elections, which you decreed on May 14?

President Bajram Begaj: I want to bring to your attention, through this question, article 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, which states that “sovereignty belongs to the people”, as well as article 45, item a, which states that “every citizen at the age of 18 years old has the right to be chosen and choose. In this same article, item 4, provides that “the vote is personal, equal, free and secret”. Why did I pick these two articles? I chose them to address my people and remind them that they should bear these two articles in mind and exercise the right to vote, allowing none to divert and distort their vote. On this topic, I call on the law enforcement institutions, institutions in charge of electoral management and administration to prevent the cases, as you mentioned, of vote diversion, of buying and selling votes, so that the next local elections can be considered free, fair and uncontested.

Elona Meço: Mr. President, the opposition has announced a protest, a national rally on February 11, which is called in relation to the already sensational scandal that is being investigated in America, involving the former head of the FBI’s counterintelligence mission in New York, linking it to the suspicion of corruption by Prime Minister Rama and an FBI official. Is this episode concerning in your view? How did you perceive it? Have you asked the prime minister about more details in relation to this?

President Bajram Begaj: I told you earlier. I am a regular reader and observer of reports, both national and international. Thus, I have been informed about the matter you mention, through the media and information from open sources. While an attentive reader, I also wait for the competent institutions to make their analyses and deductions, and then come up with my personal opinion.

Elona Meço: Which competent institutions are you talking about?

President Bajram Begaj: This case is under investigation and, as long as it is being investigated, we have to wait until the investigation is concluded.

Elona Meço: The case is being investigated in the USA.

President Bajram Begaj: Well, it started there.

Elona Meço: There is also a request from the opposition. Should it be investigated here?

President Bajram Begaj: It is very good that the opposition has addressed the country’s law enforcement institutions to deal with the process. And so it should be. We must have faith in the institutions.

Elona Meço: How do you assess the state of national security in the country, you also called a Security Council Meeting a few days ago. What are the vulnerabilities observed after Iran’s cyber-attacks?

President Bajram Begaj: Security challenges during the past year were really difficult challenges for our national security, as well. In July 2022, we suffered a cyber-attack, which was sponsored by the state structures of the Islamic Republic of Iran. A cyber-attack to destroy the digital infrastructure of the country, with an apparent intention to cause instability. In both meetings of the Security Council, a detailed and in-depth analysis of national security issues in general and cyber security in particular, was done, including the measures taken by the relevant institutions, AKSHI, AKCESKU, State Police, in cooperation with our strategic allies, in cooperation with the USA and Microsoft. It is worth noting that, in our analysis, cyber security emerges of primary importance for our national security and all institutions are working to achieve this and, in cooperation with our strategic allies, to draft strategic documents for cyber security and necessary digital capacities to resist and protect against other similar attacks.

 Elona Meço: You say that cyber security should be a priority. It hasn’t been until now?

President Bajram Begaj: I don’t think that cyber security has not been a priority. There have already been digital infrastructure investments. Let’s not forget that Albania is one of the most digitized countries of the Western Balkans and, as such, Albania, surely, is not immune to cyber-attacks, even more so when these attacks are sponsored by state actors. I think that, in addition to digital infrastructure investments, building capacities, investing on the human component, the integrity of people who deal with these systems, is also quite important.

Elona Meço: The aggressors have had access to the system for 1 and a half years, but no one is held accountable for this, they were not even detected, nobody knew we had an enemy within the system. Should someone be held responsible for this? Have we failed at this point?

President Bajram Begaj: As I mentioned earlier, the cyber-attack of July 2022 was a serious attack, that could bring to its knees even more developed structures and capacities, than ours. I think that it is very good news that their final goal of causing instability was not achieved, this is quite important. Institutions must work to find those responsible for this situation.

Elona Meço: It’s been a few weeks since we talked about the Head of SHISH (SIS), whose appointment is one of your powers, that you share with the prime minister. Why is it taking so long to find a new Head of SHISH? How hard is it to find someone with integrity and professionalism?

President Bajram Begaj: Let me clarify that it is not at all difficult, our country has human capacities, which demonstrate high professionalism and integrity to be the new Head of SHISH. SHISH is a very important institution to our national security and the selection process will, surely, go through all the institutional links.

Elona Meço: Has the prime minister proposed a name?

 President Bajram Begaj: It’s not like I have a specific name on the table. I told you, the selection of the name will be done on the basis of individual merit, professional capacities and human integrity. We are in the process.

Elona Meço: Is the Prime Minister consulting with you in the meantime, that is before proposing the name?

President Bajram Begaj: Of course, I also confirmed in a previous interview that consultations are necessary.

Elona Meço: Will there be consultations on another matter, namely the appointment of ambassadors? I have noticed that our ambassadors have been in office for many years, from 6-7-8-9 years, having already overpassed their mandates. Do you call this delay normal? This extension of the legal mandate?

President Bajram Begaj: It is a fact that the mandate of ambassadors has been extended beyond the time stipulated by the Foreign Service law. On January 6, 2023, I discussed with the Prime Minister about appointing new ambassadors. The process will precisely follow all the procedures and rules, provided in the Foreign Service law and regulations. Regarding consultations, I personally, think that any consultation is healthy in a democracy, because consultations help to better harmonize the requirements for certain ambassadorial positions and involve all institutions as contributors. This would enable the selection of the best candidates, as the future representatives of the Albanian people to friendly countries, partner countries and international organizations. It is very important to add that while progressing in the EU integration process, it is essential that we select the right people to represent our country.

Elona Meço: How long will this take, until candidates are proposed, since the conversation you had with the prime minister was on January 6th?

President Bajram Begaj: The selection process will strictly follow the procedures and rules stipulated in the Foreign Service law and the Foreign Service regulations.

Elona Meço: Do you have an idea when these positions will be filled with our new ambassadors?

President Bajram Begaj: It is a matter of coordination among all institutions.

Elona Meço: Yes, I understand that the proposal will come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Prime Minister, to the Assembly and then to you…

President Bajram Begaj: It’s not just that. There are also other law enforcement institutions that will have to affirm their opinion.

Elona Meço: But, this whole procedure can take another 6 months, 1 year?

President Bajram Begaj: I don’t think so. The procedure will be legally correct.

Elona Meço: In the meantime, are you consulting with the Prime Minister on this matter? That is, is the government carrying out preliminary consultations with you, so that you do not have to reject their  proposals?

President Bajram Begaj: As I said, I am in the process of talking the matter with the Prime Minister.

Elona Meço: Mr. President, there is another very delicate open issue, that of the maritime delimitation with Greece. Have you been informed about this matter, what stage are we on this?

President Bajram Begaj: I mentioned it in another interview – that old and new issues with the neighbouring Greek state will be resolved based on the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, the decisions of the Constitutional Court, agreements and international law. I have been informed by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs that, diplomatic consultations and talks were held, in December, to determine the modalities and procedures to be followed on this matter.

Elona Meço: Talks about what? Any more details?

President Bajram Begaj: Maritime delimitation talks, through coordinates, to determine the  Exclusive Economic Zone.

Elona Meço: Without having to go the Hague?

President Bajram Begaj: The procedure will come from the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. Other technicalities, when they are presented to me, I will share with you.

Elona Meço: Will this case go to the International Court of Justice in The Hague? Do you have information on this, because this is what has been said before.

President Bajram Begaj: It has been announced that it will go to the Hague Court, but, when  the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs will request an authorization, I will decide in conformity with the request made by the ministry, in application of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, the decisions of the Constitutional Court, as well as agreements and international law.

Elona Meço: Are you willing to give the authorization immediately or will you look into every detail? Your predecessor, President Meta, found a lot of problems regarding this issue. He said that there was no transparency at all on this matter. Do you have the problem of transparency or do you have a good cooperation with government institutions?

President Bajram Begaj: I just mentioned that I have received information from the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs about the diplomatic consultations. I have not received a written document. Once I have the written document, I will act based on all the references I just mentioned.

Elona Meço: Will the Exclusive Economic Zones be determined before the case goes to The Hague or after? There is not much transparency on this issue and these things are not clarified.

President Bajram Begaj: These are technicalities, if a technical group is required to be set up on this issue, they will know better how to determine it. But I cannot comment or give explanations on the stances of my predecessors.

Elona Meço: Your first official visit as President was to Kosovo, and during this visit I heard you criticising some agreements signed between Albania and Kosovo, which had not been implemented. You promised to look into it, so that those agreements were implemented. What have you done so far on this first promise of yours as President.

President Bajram Begaj: In fact, during my first visit to Kosovo, in an interview on RTK, I spoke in a way about the “homework”, which I was informed about during the official talks. It was observed that some of the agreements signed between the two governments were not getting the attention they deserved. I am pleased to confirm that at the last G2G intergovernmental meeting, all signed agreements were analysed and I believe that these agreements, which are not just a mechanical process, require the institutional commitment of other factors to determine clear legal assignments, which are currently on the right track, and being followed with priority by the representatives from both governments and countries.

Elona Meço: So there are no signed and unimplemented agreements?

President Bajram Begaj: Absolutely not, since the last meeting between the two governments, the implementation procedures for these agreements have been established.

Elona Meço: Kosovo is at a very crucial moment, because the so-called Franco-German EU proposal for a normal relationship between Kosovo and Serbia is being discussed. In your view, should Kosovo accept this proposal coming from Europe? You have always stressed the importance of dialogue, as you say about Albania that dialogue is needed, are you expecting dialogue there as well?

President Bajram Begaj: We support the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia to reach a comprehensive agreement, with mutual recognition, in respect of minorities, in line with the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo. This agreement mediated by the USA, President Biden and German Chancellor Scholtz, is very important for us. I think that the situation of Russian aggression in Ukraine has refocused the attention of European diplomacy on conflict resolution in the Western Balkans, especially the disputes and conflicts in the north of Kosovo. We have recently witnessed a very busy diplomatic agenda and a Franco-German proposal, and we have also had special representatives from the United Kingdom, Greece and Italy, putting pressure on both governments, the Government of Kosovo and the Government of Serbia to reach an agreement. We support an agreement that will be reached between the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Government of Serbia. On the other hand, Albania, does not call into question the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo.

Elona Meço: But the Franco-German proposal does not clearly state Kosovo’s recognition by Serbia. Should Kosovo accept this?

President Bajram Begaj: As long as we have the indisputable support of the USA and the EU at the dialogue table, any proposed solution comes as an aid to that final agreement, that I mentioned on mutual recognition and respect of minorities in line with the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo.

Elona Meço: You highlight the issue of minorities. Are you referring to the Association of Serbian Municipalities, which the Prime Minister of Kosovo has been rejecting until now, because it has also been rejected by the Constitutional Court in its current form?

President Bajram Begaj: Every government implements the constitution of its country and the decisions of the Constitutional Court. So when I talk about the matter of minorities, this is how it is stipulated, mot à mot

Elona Meço: Is Albin Kurti right in his stance?

President Bajram Begaj: The Government of Kosovo is not under my tutelage. I state what I know and what I have information about regarding the talks that will take place. That is, seeking to reach a comprehensive agreement, with mutual recognition and in respect of minorities, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, as has been expressed by President Biden and also by Chancellor Scholtz.

Elona Meço: Mr. President, you are a supporter of the Open Balkans initiative, but should you support an initiative that does not recognize Kosovo’s sovereignty?

President Bajram Begaj: I support every regional initiative. I said earlier that without the support of the USA, the Balkans would not have the profile it has today. Regarding this regional initiative, I said in my first interview in Kosovo that, if this initiative is supported by the USA, if it is an inclusive initiative, confirming the sovereign right of each participating country, including all the 6 countries of the Western Balkans; if it manages to enable the free movement of people, goods, capital and services, if it remains on the economic level, only, it is a good thing. If this agreement benefits the people of this region, or more precisely, the people of Kosovo and the people of Albania, then in my view, it is welcome.

Elona Meço: So, long live dialogue and cooperation!

President Bajram Begaj: Find me another argument to the contrary.

Elona Meço: Before I ask you one last question, I need an explanation about another function of yours.

President Bajram Begaj: It appears, I do not have few functions, even if the function of awarding decorations is removed.

Elona Meço: As Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, you can approve or not to remove over 100 ha of coastal land from the current Army Expansion Plan that today belongs to the army. Will you do this to make way for the development of this property?

President Bajram Begaj: Excuse me, who says that I have the right to remove 100 ha of land from the Expansion Plan?

Elona Meço: Is it not one of your powers?

President Bajram Begaj: Then, let me clarify. The President of the Republic of Albania, as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, approves the Deployment and Expansion Plan of the Armed Forces, upon the proposal of the Minister of Defence. This Deployment and Expansion plan is a very important document for the Armed Forces in carrying out their mission, a mission that includes times of peace, crisis and war. The process of preparing this document is very thorough. First, it is called the Deployment and Expansion Plan, which means that the structures of our Armed Forces structures must have a place and a scope, where they perform their daily functions. The process of drafting this document goes through a chain of analysis, discussion, assessment through all the structures of the Armed Forces, from the main commands, the air, sea, land forces, to the support commands and on to other auxiliary structures. In the evaluation process, the AF priorities, the NATO objectives on capacity building, are all taken into account. The long-term development plans of the AF are also assessed, which are AF strategic documents, approved by the Parliament of Albania. The drafted document undergoes another reassessment by the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence, along with the drafting of a supplementary document, which is then brought to the President of the Republic for approval, in line with constitutional provisions. The President assesses this document, approves or refuses it, as with any other legal act.

Elona Meço: Is this where we are now?

President Bajram Begaj: No, I have no such plan.

Elona Meço: If there will be such a Plan to remove the 100 ha, disclosed earlier in the media, will you sign it?

 President Bajram Begaj: I have not heard this news from the media, but the process is a legal process, which is carried out by the competent structure. It is not a question of removing 100 ha.

Elona Meço: I ask you this, because it has been said on numerous occasions that the preparation of such a Plan is happening just for the sake of removing this property, which is mainly located on the coast, off the army’s listings and handing it over to private investors.

President Bajram Begaj: The Deployment and Expansion Plan is a plan prepared following a process of study, analysis, evaluation, conclusions by professional people, who work in the AAF structures and main commands. I don’t believe these people are all corrupt. These people are the ones who perform their everyday responsibilities, who honour us in international missions and have given us a place of honour among NATO nations.

Elona Meço: Yes, but they can also act under the pressure of political orders.

President Bajram Begaj: It is not possible. There is no possibility, because there is a separate law that regulates the activity of the military.

Elona Meço: How do you want others to remember you at the end of your Presidential mandate?

President Bajram Begaj: I want to be remembered as the President of the Republic who served the country with responsibility, honesty, integrity, in full respect of the Constitution and the laws of the country.