Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj’s Greeting Speech at the Memorial Event in Honor of Marsel Skëndo

Distinguished guests,

Mr. President of the Rotary Club of Tirana,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a distinct honor to be present at this event organized by the Rotary Club of Tirana.

It is special because you are part of an international community that has contributed to healthcare, education, local communities, and entrepreneurship around the world and in our country for more than a century.

The values you stand for, such as diversity, equality, and inclusiveness, have been at the core of your activities in Albania. A diverse and significant activity. But, I believe it would have been less realized without the contribution of a special person like Marsel Skëndo.

A silent hero, who perhaps will not be written about in history books. But people will talk. Because I am sure his memory will not be forgotten.

Marsel was not only a big-hearted Rotarian but also someone who embodied the best values of the Albanian people.

His extraordinary entrepreneurial ability, tireless work, courage, and belief in a far-sighted vision made Marsel Skëndo one of the most successful businessmen.

But above all, he was a humanist. A man of noble spirit, who did not let his business success obscure his values. A perfect example of how economic power entails great social responsibility that should not be wasted.

Despite his great success, Marsel Skëndo never ceased to help and support Albanian enterprises. As an investor and promoter, he enabled many young men and women to successfully realize their business projects.

Invaluable in entrepreneurial acumen, rare in simplicity, and unparalleled in the contribution he made to the economy, Marsel was also an advocate of free media. He assisted in creating some of the first icons of the media in post-communist Albania, establishing conditions for the professional freedom of journalists.

So let us remember and not forget the work of a good Rotarian and Albanian. Because we need positive examples that make us feel proud and inspire future generations.

Thank you!