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Greetings by President Begaj on the Occasion of Posthumously Awarding Dritan Hoxha the Title “Master of Great Skill”

Honored family members of the Hoxha family,

Respected journalists and staff of Top Channel,

Distinguished attendees,

Today, I have the pleasure of honoring with the title “Grand Master” one of the most renowned personalities of Albanian visual media, Mr. Dritan Hoxha. A courageous creator, unwavering dreamer and visionary, passionate innovator, he succeeded in creating an unparalleled work in its scope. The man who worked day and night to realize his life’s project, he rightfully earned the nickname by which he was known as Tani of Topi.

His example demonstrates how private entrepreneurship can transform into public good. How Albanians can achieve success in their own country. How business success can be coupled with generosity and philanthropy.

Dritan was one of those rare individuals who could see the future now.

The media he created filled a void on the Albanian television screen. It stood out not only for its advanced technology but, above all, for the quality of programs catering to all age groups in our society.

Tani of Topi set high standards for visual media, supported hundreds of young men and women in realizing their talents, and created new concepts that elevated the level of information in Albania.

He had the foresight to distribute news and the Albanian language through digital platforms, thereby contributing to the preservation and heritage of our language even among our diaspora.

Today, his legacy is not just entrepreneurial but also a significant part of our media heritage.

I hope and believe that you, his family, will continue to carry forward this legacy with responsibility and pride.

Thank you!