Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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Welcoming Remarks by President Begaj on the Occasion of Honoring School of Magistracy Educators

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today marks a special ceremony. For the first time, I have the honor to recognize two educators from the School of Magistracy, Prof. Dr. Arta Mandro and Dr. Dashamir Kore, with the title “Grand Master” for their work in preparing new generations of magistrates, and for their valuable contribution in the field of law.

With high professionalism and dedication, they have contributed to the improvement of Albanian legislation within the framework of judicial system reforms. Above all, their moral and human values are today a source of inspiration and motivation for magistrates in our justice system.

Professor Arta Mandro, with her commitment and passion for law and justice, has led magistrates and law students at the School of Magistracy towards legal knowledge and education over the years.

Her academic contribution in the field of family law and her active participation as an expert have aided in improving legislation in Albania. Mrs. Mandro has been a significant part of national and international initiatives for the protection of children’s and women’s rights.

Dr. Dashamir Kore, with high professionalism and integrity, has contributed and continues to contribute to the education of magistrates in the field of civil procedural law.

During his tenure as an educator at the School of Magistracy, he has demonstrated exceptional teaching skills, ensuring the intellectual, professional, and academic development of magistrates through a stimulating and encouraging environment.

An expert in law, with extensive experience as a jurist, he has made significant contributions as a member of judicial reform commissions and permanent working groups for drafting and amending civil procedural legislation.

I take this opportunity to appreciate the work of the School of Magistracy, both for preparing magistrates and for the specific weight this institution has carried during the judicial reform.

The School of Magistracy bears the responsibility to train not only professionally capable magistrates but also those with a high level of responsibility and impartiality to ensure the quality of justice received by citizens.

The judicial reform is the cornerstone of a European Albania. It remains crucial for our country and is now beginning to yield encouraging initial results. The promising start makes us optimistic, but we cannot avoid the challenges facing the justice system, such as the large number of unresolved cases and the shortage of magistrates in the system.

These challenges could result in delays in administering justice, thus affecting the lives of citizens. The independence granted to justice organs by the Constitution and laws should lead to increased responsibility and effectiveness in ensuring the constitutional rights and liberties of citizens.

Public interest demands cooperation and coordination of the activities of justice organs so that they harmoniously complement each other. Only in this way can a functional justice system in practice be ensured.

Honored educators,

I hope your contribution to the field of law and the values you represent will serve as an inspirational example for all jurists and future generations of magistrates.

Thank you!