Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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Presidenti Begaj’s speech on the 5th Anniversary of the Revival of the Tirana Castle Ruins

Good evening everyone!

Five years ago, few could have imagined that the ruins of Tirana Castle could be transformed into a major tourist attraction of the capital. From a historical monument that was crumbling day by day, today, it has been graciously and wisely turned by its successors into Tirana’s most beloved tourist haven, an extraordinary endeavor based on a clear vision that achieved this architectural ensemble we see today.

The Tirana Castle was created by one of its greatest families, the Toptani family. Today, it stands not only as an element of Tirana’s identity but also as a defining symbol of the city. As a rich archaeological testimony, the castle illustrates early urbanization in engineering, finance, social and cultural aspects of a city that has lived through all historical dimensions and withstood every challenge with its achievements.

Its revival and that of other monuments, such as the Tirana mosaic, the former pyramid – now the “Tumo Center” for technology and innovation, the Ethem Bey Mosque, the National Art Gallery, and others like them, show that Tirana can embrace modernity while remembering its history. Monuments like this preserve our connection with history, better orienting us for the future.

I want to express my appreciation for the excellent work of all those who contributed to transforming this castle from a monument of war into a monument of peace, welcoming thousands of tourists from home and abroad. Every Albanian, whether from near or far, and every foreign tourist finds in it characteristics of old Tirana’s architecture and, through its warmth and hospitality, the Albanian qualities of generosity and hospitality.

Beyond the identity, nostalgia, and pride of the locals, Tirana Castle is a beautiful meeting place. It is as much an innovation as it is an example that history among us stands brightly illuminated. It shows how valuable is the interweaving of antiquity with the present. It is appreciative and inspiring how much human love, vision, and passion can enrich a cultural heritage object.

Congratulations to all!