Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

Gazetaret 2


President Begaj’s Speech at the Journalism Award Ceremony Organized by the Union of Albanian Journalists

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for inviting me to the 15th journalism award ceremony.

Today marks a special occasion to acknowledge a year of hard work, and I’d like to take this opportunity to share some thoughts on your profession.

Firstly, I want to express my utmost appreciation for the challenging role you undertake. The mission of providing fair, unbiased, and objective information today is tough but not impossible.

This is evidenced by journalists who excel both professionally and personally, setting examples of success and proving that true journalism is still very much alive and thriving. Promoting such examples is vital for the current and future generations of journalists.

Another important aspect is the frequent criticism, underestimation, and often inadequate appreciation of your work, which is tied to the belief in a high cause: impartial information and an analytical sense to give meaning to events and everyday social life.

This cause requires professional and idealistic individuals who believe in the ideals of freedom of expression and public responsibility. Therefore, I encourage you not to give in to difficulties because your dedication and courage in conveying accurate and objective information to the public contribute to societal well-being.

You should feel not just encouraged but also secure in performing your duties. I take this opportunity to reiterate my full support for you. Instances of physical violence against journalists should belong to a closed chapter, just like cases where professional and expressive freedom is compromised through direct or indirect pressures.

Of course, ensuring freedom of expression and creating conditions for authentic journalism should be accompanied by the continuous education of journalists themselves. You have a mission that goes beyond mere information dissemination as you give meaning to the plethora of news, creating a public narrative that becomes part of history.

A few days ago, I attended an event on the history of Albania. Indeed, historians write the grand history, but its motifs are woven by the journalists of the time. Our history to be written tomorrow depends on your finesse, mental sharpness, conscience clarity, and professional impartiality. I am confident that you will rise to the nobility of your mission.

Thank you!