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President Begaj’s Speech on the Occasion of New Year’s Eve 2024

Dear compatriots,

The approach of the new year marks a special moment for all of us. It’s a time of familial and social warmth, gathered around tables filled with love.

It’s a celebration of welcoming and hope for the future, a festival that unites rather than divides us.

This is a celebration for everyone.

I’d like to share some reflections on our shared journey and aspirations for the future.

The past year brought positive developments, notably strengthening our international position and enhancing Albania’s and Albanians’ global reputation.

We’ve shown that, despite being a small country, we have the potential to be a regional factor and contribute to global peace.

However, our rising role on the international stage and improved image of Albania cannot be understood without sound domestic policies.

This year, millions of tourists visited our country, finding not only natural beauty but also the traditional Albanian hospitality.

We also continued our commitment to joining the European Union, a process requiring profound institutional and societal transformation.

Our justice system has the potential to embody this transformation. The fight for a state of law is neither finished nor won.

We still have much to do to ensure our state is just and transparent.

The path to social justice is even longer.

For these two fundamental aspects of justice, legal and social, I call on all political forces, despite differences, to prioritize the interests of Albanian citizens.

Our main aspiration for the coming year remains a consolidated state of law, pervasive social justice, and reduced polarization in society, politics, and the economy.

I am confident that with the right economic policies, smart public investments, intersectoral coordination, and efficient management of human resources, the future will be more secure and prosperous.

Together, we must work to create attractive new opportunities, encouraging our youth to build their lives here, in their homeland.

Dear compatriots,

I wish all Albanians, both at home and abroad, and our brothers and sisters in Kosova and the region, a peaceful and prosperous new year.

In closing this message, I want to focus on ordinary people, the workers and professionals dedicated to their personal good and the country’s welfare.

I want to say that each of you, and all of us together, are Albania. Together, we contribute to building a better and more sustainable future.

As we approach the new year, let’s view the future with confidence in ourselves and our country. Only then can we open horizons of hope.

Happy New Year 2024, health and prosperity to your families!

May God bless Albania and Albanians wherever they are!