Statement of the Spokesperson of the President of the Republic, Mr. Tedi Blushi

Statement of the Spokesperson of the President of the Republic, Mr. Tedi Blushi

The Committee on Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights, has reviewed today the Decree of the President of the Republic, H. E. Ilir Meta, no.11812, dated 5.11.2020 “On the return of law no. 130/2020 “On an amendment to law no. 10129, dated 11.5.2009, ‘On the civil status’, as amended ”.

The Law Commission has been showing signs of losing its composure and patience for a long time, and today, under political pressure, it has lost the last bit of ethics and professionalism, which it must show when it determines the laws of this country with its votes.

It became clear that the Law Commission did not want to waste a single minute of time fulfilling the “Renaissance” political goal of distorting voter lists and distorting the free voting.

The law, which President Meta returned for reconsideration in the Assembly, does not aim to remove the fines for citizens who do not declare housing, but aims to create space for the deformation at any time of voter lists and the distribution of mandates in each District.

President Meta, through his Decree, recommended to the Assembly to forgive all fines generated by not declaring the changed residence in time, while maintaining the stability of the law and the obligation of citizens to declare any change in time.

But this recommendation, same as to similar solutions that the Government and the Assembly themselves have undertaken in other areas, was rejected, and the Committee on Legal Affairs rushed so far as to deprive the representatives of the President of the Republic of the right to speak and express the legal arguments requested and questioned by the rapporteur of the law, MP Vasilika Hysi.

This is the continious position of the one-party Assembly, especially after the unilateral adoption of the amendments to the Constitution on July 30th and the Electoral Code on October 5th.

President of the Republic calls on the MP-s of the one-party Assembly to reflect in the plenary session and not to accept the violation of the voting right of the citizens, but to approve the Decree.

We once again invite the MP-s of the one-party Assembly, who may not be familiar with the Presidential Decree, to read very carefully the legitimate reasons raised by the President of the Republic for the return of the law.

President Meta decrees the return of Law No 130/2020 – Reasons for the return of the Law

We guarantee all the citizens of the Republic of Albania that, despite the dirty political maneuvers, no one will be able to touch the free vote in the referendum of April 25, 2021 and that whoever will have the courage to undertake such folly, will receive an immediate and most exemplary response possible, which he has not seen even in his worst dream.