Reaction of the Spokesperson of the President of the Republic, Mr. Tedi Blushi

Reaction of the Spokesperson of the President of the Republic, Mr. Tedi Blushi

The President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta is focused on the measures taken in coping with COVID 19 and to overcome this critical situation, with the sole priority of protecting the health of every citizen.

But unfortunately we find that even in this difficult situation “sources” from the majority find time to deal with irresponsible and unscrupulous politics by serving to the media false news from the Venice Commission.

With full responsibility we explain that the “source of Strasbourg” is Taulant Balla, who, although the chair of only one parliamentary political group in the Assembly, is the contact person on behalf of the Assembly also with the Venice Commission, just to prove that the current Assembly is one-party.

True sources from Strasbourg confirm that the reporters did not accept the changing of the March 6th opinion. Meanwhile in the Dutch Parliament has been asked to be included as a clear condition for the Albanian Government: the implementation of the recommendations of 6 March opinion, and the opinion on the so-called “anti-defamation law”, in addition to the 9 conditions of the Bundestag. In these circumstances, the publication of the final report by the Venice Commission has also been postponed.

President Meta wishes the situation with the COVID 19 pandemic to pass as soon as possible, and that His attention and commitment will continue to be 100% in its immediate overcoming and with the consequences that are lighter for the citizens.