Reaction of the President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta

Reaction of the President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta

Today is an important day, World Book Day.

But unfortunately there are some “pseudo-intellectuals” and “pseudo-experts” who not only have forgotten to read books, but not even want to read and understand simple decisions, but very important for the life and safety of all citizens in these difficult pandemic moments.

I sincerely suggest them to deepen and read the final version approved by the Assembly after the fundamental changes publicly proposed by the President of the Republic.

And since they are so concerned about the violation of human rights, I am quoting only two articles from Denmark, a country that I cherish as a champion of democracy, human rights and that invented the institution of the Ombudsman:

📌Article 192
(2) If the disease is of such a nature that, under the law, it shall be liable to public treatment or at the time of the committing of the act it is in fact being so treated, or if special measures have been taken against its introduction into the state, the penalty shall be imprisonment for any term not exceeding six years.

📌Article 252
(1) Any person who, for the purpose of gain, or who purely wantonly or in any similar reckless manner, exposes the life or physical ability of others to impending danger shall be liable to imprisonment for any term not exceeding eight years.

Therefore dear “enemies” of the book, although reading a book is a huge effort for you, I believe that you will find the time to read these two lines.

With full responsibility and permanent coherence, I not only defended the Constitution, but we also solved the gap that the Criminal Code had for those who wanted to use the pandemic against the health of the citizens, setting a standard for this major issue like Denmark.

How I wish we had such standards in every field….