The position of President Meta: Let’s not walk against-Time!

The position of President Meta: Let’s not walk against-Time!

This is precisely the moment when time no longer works for you and you begin deceiving yourself that you will find a way to justify your expected failure.

It often happens to children when they have to go through examinations in a subject they highly dislike. They do not even come close to the book and continue playing, trapping themselves into self-deceit of having enough time ahead to prepare for exam.
But there comes a moment when time no longer works for you and you walk against-Time.

Then you start thinking how to justify your exam failure for which you never studied on time.
Of course, parents are usually told that it was the Teacher’s fault, that s/he was bad and unjust.
But children are forgiven for such behaviors, which become lessons for the future.

But politicians cannot be forgiven!

Especially in a country that has wasted so much time and opportunities in the last three decades.

A country, which, during 2000 and 2001 was almost at the same EU integration stage with Croatia, and well ahead of Serbia and Montenegro.
It is well known where Croatia is for some years now, but also Serbia and Montenegro.

Moreover, sacrificing the opening of accession negotiations for North Macedonia cannot be either a solution or a saving face for not fulfilling our obligations, well known by everyone.

Our people do not deserve to be last in the region because of their spoiled leaders!

We still have very little time left to not walk against-Time!

Didn’t we have enough walking against-Time for 45 years, against all western civilization?

The stubbornness to move towards two excluding, undemocratic and un-European paths must end.
These pathways have no meeting point, not only with each other, but also with the long-awaited European course supported by all Albanians.

This requires Leadership, and Leadership delivers solutions serving the interest of the whole country!

So that 18 October becomes a day of joy for all Albanians; A day of restoring hope and security for the future, but most importantly, for the home returning of our youth.

Albania needs a solution!


September will be too late!

18 October shouldn’t be lost for lack of responsibility.

Albania is tired of long overdue Agreements that sacrifice its future to save the careers of irresponsible politicians, in the name of the so-called stability which they undermine every day with their behavior and inactions.


With deeds, not speeches!