President Meta’s position regarding the developments that occurred on January 8, 2022 at the headquarters of the Democratic Party

President Meta’s position regarding the developments that occurred on January 8, 2022 at the headquarters of the Democratic Party

In my assessment as President of the Republic, January 8 is not an isolated event, but it is a tragic moment of a degrading political process, which has been going on for months and years in the eyes of all Albanians, the essence of which is the lack of democratic confrontation with a free vote and in a transparent manner.

Let us not forget that we are still in the conditions when the Albanian democracy and almost all the institutions have been undermined for years by the gradual capture of all state segments, of the independent institutions and of the civil society.

And just when all energies had to be mobilized to restore the rule of law, the system of accountability in the country and within the parties themselves, and above all the trust in democracy and its institutions, for months and years we have been witnessing the threat to a very vital institution of true democracy and pluralism, that of the opposition, but also that of the free voting.

I do not want to be a party and I have never intended to be a party to the conflict which has risen within the Democratic Party, but as President of the Republic I am deeply concerned about the escalation of unnecessary conflict within the largest opposition party, which can and should have only one solution: Free voting and respect for the will of the majority, as well as the guaranteeing of fractions.

The use of force, both against doors and windows, and even worse against protesters and citizens, is unacceptable and reprehensible.

Allegations of deliberate infiltration of persons with criminal records and high social risk inside the Democratic Party building are alarming and require an impartial response.

Having said that, I want to emphasize that it is also unacceptable the denial of any democratic mechanism for solution, by secretly inciting the exercise of force and revolt.

Thus, when everyone is clear that the use of violence will never be the mechanism that can legitimize the seizure of power, it is equally punishable to use violence to maintain power or buildings at any cost, avoiding democratic and transparent confrontation, based on free voting, the Constitution and the statute of the parties themselves.

The physical and police means can not be a solution for either party, but only democratic confrontation, through free voting. Moreover, the Democratic Party is a member of the European People’s Party and should be an example in this regard.

However, the developments of January 8, 2022 also brought a positive example, which calls for reflection, the resignation of the guard of the DP headquarters, in order for him not to witness violence.

I wish everyone to rise to the level of his responsibility.