Prononcimi për median i Presidentit Meta në zonën e ish-Kënetës në Durrës

Prononcimi për median i Presidentit Meta në zonën e ish-Kënetës në Durrës

Question: Many residents who were left outside due to the damage to their homes were assured by the authorities that their situation would be resolved within hours. What happened to those people?

President Meta: First of all we came to see how the search and rescue work is going on, because it is understood to be a very critical situation. It is clear that work continues without interruption.

Secondly, definitely all of the demands that these families have had I believe have already been met. We need to be constantly with them to support them in this extremely dramatic situation, when they cannot even leave this place, where they are hoping to find their relatives.

Question: Mr. President, was our country prepared for such emergencies? Do we have teams prepared to intervene and save lives?

President Meta: This is an extremely difficult tragic, unseen before experience. Because no natural disaster of this magnitude has occurred. It has not been a desirable experience. It has been an inevitable experience for major reasons. It is now important to cope with all the capacities and all the powers, while also improving the mechanism of organization and functioning constantly, as we will always face new problems. Fortunately we have managed to have considerable specialized support from our international partners and we hope to continue to have even greater support not only for humanitarian aid in the days and weeks to come, but even more programmed assistance to recover the long-term consequences that this earthquake has left on thousands of families.

Question: Will you gather the National Security Council meeting, Mr. President? Dozens of other residents are afraid to return to their homes.

President Meta: Now is not the time to interrupt all the leaders out of their work and dedication, and is known that we are in an emergency situations. Everyone is doing and will do his job as best as possible and then we can definitely do and make all the conclusions, calculations and reflections that are right for the future.

Question: Citizens are in a panic after the recent earthquakes, Mr. President.

President Meta: I hope we have left the worst behind, but we will all face this situation with courage, calmness and solidarity, and we must look forward boldly despite the tremendous pain.

Question: Does our country have the right capacity to handle this situation well?

President Meta: I think that Albania has made available all those capacities that were available at the moment and we should work to increase our capacities in the future based on the experience of this tragedy and this extremely difficult experience.

Question: Could this tragedy that produced so many casualties be a good lesson for the future as many defects were seen in the way all structures were organized?

President Meta: We cannot talk about these aspects yet, because we are still looking for other citizens who are under the ruins and need to respond to the immediate demands of thousands of families in need of shelter, in need of food and social care in these difficult days.

Question: Since we are in aid, in helping the survivors and those thousands of citizens in need of tents, shelter and food, what have you found so far Mr. President? Is the necessary help needed by all these citizens in terms of housing and food?

President Meta: I think that, where I have been, all possible efforts are being made, however you are constantly on the ground and have your assessments and findings. But this is a mechanism that needs to be improved every day, because coping with the crisis is not easy and it is not a matter of days. In the coming days we will face other challenges. Thank you!