The statements of President Meta to the media

The statements of President Meta to the media

Question: Mr. President, does the country face the risk to end up in civil clashes at a time that the political crisis is deepening and political parties are extremely stationed and opposed in their firm positions?

President Meta: I think that this situation should have not existed whatsoever after 22 years, ever since Albania departed from the year 1997, which was a rather unfortunate year.

All should come to their senses and assume their responsibilities, because for totally selfish and occult interests, Albania has neither no reason to end up in confrontation, nor the Albanians confront each other. They have decided to co-exist in a democratic way and have alienated themselves since 1990 from the excluding systems.

Question: Mr. Meta, who possesses these occult interests that you are talking about?

President Meta: Certainly not those who are barely awaiting tourism and the increase of the reservations and not the canceling of reservations.

Question: The Prime Minister has stated that you have not invited him to a round table aimed to resolve the political crisis. Will you take such a following step? You have consistently said that even not publicly, you have done whatever you could to resolve the political crisis in the country…

President Meta: No one can transfer responsibilities to the others, let alone and further more to the President of the Republic. They know very well what they should do and must be aware of the consequences they will face if they lead the country towards confrontation.