President Meta’s statement for the media

President Meta’s statement for the media

Question: Mr. President, how do you assess the decision of the High Judicial Council to get an opinion from EURALIUS and OPDAT on whether or not Mr. Dvorani will remain in office?

President Meta: I have already given an answer to this question …

Question: Since we are a lot of media …

President Meta: I have given an answer to this question. It is a responsibility left only to the HJC and no one else.

Question: How do you comment on the decision to postpone the elections in Universities one day after your appeal?

President Meta: It is a reasonable decision and I believe it was expected, because in a period set by Parliament as a natural disaster, it was certainly not possible to have fully inclusive and democratic elections as our Universities deserve.

Question: Mr. President, your comments, today the changes in the Criminal Code that you have decreed also come into force. Your message?

President Meta: My message is for everyone to do their job responsibly. The Government, the Ministry of Health in particular, the State Police, the Prosecution, the Courts, to issue all the by-laws and all guidelines in the spirit of the changes that were made in the Criminal Code, which are more advanced on the continent according to Danish standards.

Therefore it is not enough just to formulate these changes and the standards in the Criminal Code, but also the whole column of other acts on which they will be based on must be in this spirit.

In order to serve those goals, which aim to protect the health of Albanian citizens from such dangerous diseases in such unpredictable periods.

Question: Mr. President, the Democratic Party has today raised the concern that the government is using the state of emergency to restrict fundamental human freedoms. Do you share the same concern that the Democratic Party has?

President Meta: Regarding the issue of protests, rallies, or demonstrations, I must emphasize that the Constitution of the Republic of Albania guarantees in the clearest way this fundamental right, which is fundamental to the very existence of democracy in any circumstances and conditions.
This is a right that must be respected by the authorities.

Given that we are in a special situation, thus not in an ordinary situation, all measures must be taken, not to be stopped, but to be developed in accordance with the specific conditions of social or physical distancing, security and those who want to organize a manifestation and should always be peaceful.

The voice of the citizens must be heard at all times, I hope this happens as soon as possible!

Question: Mr. President, you have participated in many blood donation sessions over the last year, but also during March. Aren’t you worried that you’ve lost a lot of blood?

President Meta: The donation of blood, it is important to make it clear to everyone, that it is a very healthy process for the one who donates, not only morally, who feels good, because he contributes to help the life of a fellow citizen, of a child. But it is also a process that adorns you. If you notice those girls who were donating there, they were extremely beautiful because they donate blood every 3 months. Therefore hurry up!