President Meta holds a video conference with representatives of “Europa Nostra”

President Meta holds a video conference with representatives of “Europa Nostra”

The President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta held a conversation today, through a video conference, with the representatives of “Europa Nostra”, the Executive Vice President, Mr. Guy Clausse, the Secretary General, Mrs. Sneska Quaedvlieg-Michailovic and the board member, Professor Paolo Vitti.

President Meta thanked them for the commitment and attention that “Europa Nostra” has shown to the promotion and preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of our country.

Focusing on the issue of the National Theater, President Meta thanked “Europa Nostra” for supporting the “Alliance for the Protection of Theater” in defense of this complex and the entire historic area of Tirana.

President Meta stressed that the illegal demolition of the National Theater is a constitutional issue, of historical heritage and national identity, now a European issue.

In this context, it was agreed that it is necessary to launch an international investigation into this matter and to further inform the highest European levels.

“Europe is not only the Euro, but also culture, solidarity, humanism and identity. “The National Theater was the first martyr on the Boulevard ‘Martyrs of the Nation’, but democracy and European culture will win,” said, among other things, the board member of “Europa Nostra”, Professor Paolo Vitti.

“As of today, I consider myself the newest member of ‘Europa Nostra’ “, said President Meta.