President Meta awards the title “Grand Master”, to the prominent actor, Professor Kastriot Çaushi

President Meta awards the title “Grand Master”, to the prominent actor, Professor Kastriot Çaushi

Today, the President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta awarded the title “Grand Master” to the prominent actor Kastriot Çaushi, who has portrayed in the Albanian film, in addition to many other historical characters, the People’s Hero Vasil Laçi, with the motivation: “For his outstanding contribution to the performing arts and in Albanian cinematography, as well as for the artistic education of many generations of young artists. Distinguished for the high level of professional interpretation thanks to his special and outstanding talent, in creating artistically achieved and unforgettable characters for the Albanian public ”.

At the solemn ceremony organized at the Institution of the President of the Republic, the Head of State emphasized that:

“I have the honor to decorate with the title Grand Master, a prominent figure of Albanian cinematography, Professor Kastriot Çaushi, who best portrayed the figure of Vasil Laçi, this People’s Hero, in the film ‘Bullet to the Emperor’ directed by the prominent register Mevlan Shanaj.

‘Give me a comb’ remains one of the most iconic moments of Albanian cinema, but also the most touching for the Albanian public. Like many of his other performances in the films “Apasionata,” “Autumn Rains”, “The Bride and the Siege”, “Freedom or Death”, “Autumn Reprimands” and many other films that inspired the Albania of the 80’s the generations of that time on real art, and served as inspiration for many young men and women to follow the path of acting or stage art.

Professor Kastriot Çaushi has made an extraordinary contribution to Albanian art, cinematography and drama.

His rich repertoire also includes theatrical performances at the Skampa Theater, the National Theater, and the Theater Academy of the Arts, with important roles, including Shakespearean playes, such as the masterpieces ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Richard III’.

Professor Çaushi is also known by the Albanian public as an artistic presenter, co-author of books on acting, and for many decades has contributed to the cultivation of young actors as a lecturer at the Academy of Arts, Dean at the Faculty of Performing Arts and Rector at the University of Arts. an institution of higher education which he has run with great success and professionalism. ”

Addressing those present at the ceremony, President Meta said: “Creating a close relationship with the audience is the heart of acting.

Over the years, Kastriot Çaushi has touched the hearts of Albanians through his wonderful roles, which have not only shown great artistic mastery but have also conveyed messages of social values, patriotism and human virtues, establishing a close relationship with the audience of many generations and making him one of the most beloved and popular actors for Albanians.
Over the years, Albanian cinematography and theater have produced prominent actors who dedicated their lives to art and the public.

We honor and remember all Albanian artists, actors and directors over the years, who are a real and precious national treasure.

We remember all of them, today more than ever, because during these years, and especially in recent days, they have been seen not only by an Albanian audience but by the entire world, experiencing a real drama that has shocked the entire international public.

The real protagonists of an unfortunate tragedy, indifference and contempt from the institutions – violated on the boulevard or accompanied in handcuffs to the police stations.

“The universal appreciation of art belongs to those countries and eras that are not ruled by materialism,” said a prominent figure of art, so even today artists, actors, directors deserve maximum respect and attention as they are the soul and talent of our society.

The cities of Albania should have more theaters and cinemas, and not destroy even those few that we have inherited, because our society has a great need for cultural temples, which nourish, educate and inspire the Albanian youth to follow the path and mission of art and learn on our cultural and national heritage.

For young men and women to follow in the footsteps of great artists and actors of the Albanian scene and cinematography, such as the Grand Master Kastriot Çaushi and a large number of other prominent personalities in this field, of whom we will always be proud. which will remain unforgettable in the hearts and memories of all Albanians. “