President Meta awards the prominent linguist Hamlet Bezhani (posthumously) with the title “Knight of the Order of Skanderbeg”

President Meta awards the prominent linguist Hamlet Bezhani (posthumously) with the title “Knight of the Order of Skanderbeg”

The President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta awarded the prominent linguist, translator and lecturer, former Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Hamlet Bezhani (posthumously) with the high title “Knight of the Order of Skanderbeg” with the motivation: “In high honor for the dedication and his valuable contribution as a professor of English and German language, who educated whole generations with European culture and values. In appreciation of the work as a researcher, author of texts and talented linguist, as well as for the special mastery in Albanian translations from the English and German language of literature and well-known historical, scientific and academic works ”.

At the ceremony held at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the State University of Tirana on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the birth of Hamlet Bezhani, the President of the Republic addressed the family, dean Artur Sula, professors and students present, he noted:

“I have the distinguished pleasure that, today, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Dr. Hamlet Bezhani, to be with you today, to honor his figure, right here at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, where he contributed as a professor for over 40 years.

He was born on June 10, 1940, on an important date such as the anniversary of the League of Prizren, in a very important village such as Fterra of Vlora, known as a source of patriotism and educational tradition.

The Bezhani family was a prominent family for generations for their love of knowledge and education.

This environment gave Prof. Bezhan’s the love for books and reading that remained a permanent love.

Prof. Bezhani belongs to the generation of intellectuals who laid the foundations of higher education in Albania, especially in the field of linguistics, with their commitment to science and studies and unforgettable Albanian translations from the English and German languages.

He was among the first students of excellence who were sent to study abroad and brought values and experience to help and develop education, creating profiles of universities and departments that would train future generations of educators.

Prof. Bezhani translated his academic education and his in-depth studies abroad into extraordinary contributions to Albanian higher education.

Thanks to his valuable experience and dedication to language and translation, he worthily represented Albania in the international arena as an excellent ambassador of his people around the world, in studies and scientific research of various countries.

Prof. Bezhani, thanks to his education and irreversible educational principles, managed to become an honored educator and professor, remembered with respect and nostalgia by generations of students and colleagues.

He knew how to convey values, knowledge and humanism, passion and hard work and at the same time, authority and respect to students of all generations.

His colleagues rightly honor him as an academic with integrity and unquestionable contribution to the creation and growth of the English and German departments at the Faculty of Foreign Languages but also as a profound researcher of scientific and literary works and often appraising him as a “living encyclopedia”.

Today, the Albanian society and academic libraries enjoy as their property some of the most valuable works from the outstanding work of Prof. Bezhani.

Among them, the German-Albanian Dictionary in two volumes, where he is a co-author, with about 82,000 words, published by one of the most prestigious academic publishing houses in Germany, still remains after 3 decades the basic work in both languages used by both the public and by Albanian and foreign scholars.

His didactic work extends to a wide range of the Albanian educational system, ranging from works for the 8-year cycle to his contribution to his studies of Albanian and English linguistics, historical grammar, the history of the English people and others.

Accumulated academic wealth and respect, which he enjoyed naturally, placed him in leading positions over the years as vice dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, head of the Department of English Language, over 20 years chairman of the German Language Postgraduate Commission and over 10 years chairman of the Scientific Council.

During his career, Professor Bezhani is known for his special mastery in Albanian translations from the English and German language of literature and well-known historical, scientific and academic works for the Albanian public and scholars.
Thanks to his outstanding knowledge and unwavering knowledge of the German language Prof. Bezhani interpreted for the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Franz Joseph Strauss, during his visits to Albania since 1984 and the bilateral discussions on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the former Federal Republic of Germany and the former Socialist People’s Republic of Albania.

The professor was a passionate researcher of languages and a perfect example of how languages connect people and bring them together.

Prof. Bezhani also has made a major contribution to the promotion of Albania in the early 1990s, as a place of coexistence and ethnic and religious understanding and the promotion of Albanian identity in the US Congress and the German Bundestag.

Thus, he has represented Albania several times in annual international forums such as the Washington DC Prayer Breakfast organized by the US Congress where the world political, social and business elites gather in meetings for several days in the name of peace and conflict avoidance in the world.

As a symbol of peace and legacy left for the generations, in 2000, Prof. Bezhani planted an olive tree in the courtyard of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Today the olive tree bears a plaque with his name on it.

Thanks to the promotion of Albania by honorable people like Prof. Bezhani, foreign students and researchers are already coming to live and work in Albania, through academic exchange programs.

This marks another stage in the development of Albania and the integration of our country in the western world, which began with the generation of professors and has already reached the highest levels a decade after Albania’s membership in NATO and now when we can hardly wait for the opening of the EU negotiations.

His multidimensional contribution has helped not only to set the standards of the education system in Albania and improve the didactics of teaching, but also to the European shaping of student generations and the opening of the windows of thought of many generations of intellectuals, thus multiplying the achievements. the impact and echo of his immense work.

Although we do not have Prof. Bezhani among us for 5 years, he has left behind a respected family of academics, language researchers and talented translators, who today continue with dignity his precious tradition and that of the Bezhani family “.

After visiting the faculty premises, lecture halls and the library, at the end of the decoration ceremony the President of the Republic and the attendees visited the olive tree planted at the yard of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Tirana, in memory and honor of the unforgettable Professor Hamlet Bezhani.