President Meta awards the permanent blood donor, Mrs. Ina Malhani with the high title “For Special Civil Merits”

President Meta awards the permanent blood donor, Mrs. Ina Malhani with the high title “For Special Civil Merits”

On the World Blood Donor Day, President of the Republic, H. E. Ilir Meta awarded today the dedicated donor, Mrs. Ina Malhani, with the high title “For Special Civil Merits”, with the motivation “For the valuable contribution as a permanent blood donor, especially for thalassemia children; for the tireless work in the service of people in need both in our country and outside the borders of Albania, becoming an example of devotion, compassion and humanity “.

During the ceremony held at the headquarters of the Albanian Evangelical Brotherhood, in His greeting speech, addressing the audience, including the Archbishop of the Metropolitan of Tirana-Durres, Monsignor George Frendo, President Meta said:

“I am very happy to be here with you today to share two very meaningful moments on World Blood Donor Day.

First of all, I would like to thank the Evangelical Brotherhood for the voluntary donation of blood, organized throughout these days!

It is also a pleasure to appreciate today an honorable lady, Ina Malhani, who has become a symbol of permanent blood donors in our country.

I gladly accepted the invitation to share these moments together, as they are united by a single thread, that is: the voluntary blood donation, love and care for people in need.

Today, the Evangelical Community of our country concludes a blood donation marathon, which for 10 days has traveled from the south to the north of Albania, from Shkodra to Saranda, from Korça to Gjirokastra, to conclude today here on the World Blood Donor Day in the capital.

Therefore, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this not only meaningful but also very important activity, making an extraordinary contribution to a very difficult period of pandemic restrictions, where the needs are also very great.

On this occasion, I thank all the volunteer blood donors, who with their humane and noble action, save people’s lives every day, give hope and bring back the smile to thalassemia children in particular, as well as to the sick who need this precious vital gift.

Today we honor Mrs. Ina Malhani, as a sign of respect for her dedication and the thousands of donors who, even in such difficult moments as pandemics, responded to the call to help the sick and to donate blood.

But, Ms. Ina Malhani is not only a regular blood donor, she is a lady who in the last 30 years has been a precious example of human virtues, contributing to the families of the Roma community, the sick, the homeless, the abandoned and orphans.

Growing up in the orphanage in Shkodra, Mrs. Ina Malhani did not feel the parental love, but received the love of the educators of the Orphanage and her teachers.

With gratitude for the love they showed for her as a child, Mrs. Ina Malhani decided to share this love that she felt in her soul, with those who lack parental love, who lack the smile, who have remained on the street, who do not see, do not hear and can’t walk.

Mrs. Ina Malhani started her activity of charity and humanism, spiritually inspired by our Saint, Mother Teresa, from whom she received the blessing for her tireless work.

Throughout her 30-year charity, Ms. Ina Malhani has brought to life what Saint Mother Teresa has said: ‘Love cannot be alone. I won’t have any meaning. Love must be put into action, and that action is service. ‘

Mrs. Ina Malhani, with endless gratitude and respect for the work and immense love of Saint Mother Teresa for the sick and the poor, has served as a volunteer in Calcutta in the first house founded by Mother Teresa herself.

Mrs. Ina Malhani does not hesitate to offer from her personal resources help for the orphans, the poor, the sick, the abandoned and the homeless. For this lady, doing charity work is enough desire and above all love.

Thank you Mrs. Ina Malhani! Thank you Evangelical Brotherhood and at the same time thank you to Monsignor Frendo! As Mother Teresa taught us: “None of us can do anything big, but each of us can do a small thing with big love!”