President Meta visits the Tirana Fire Department

President Meta visits the Tirana Fire Department

President Meta at the Tirana Fire Department: Gratitude for solidarity with the human blood donation cause.

The President of the Republic, Sh.T.Z. Ilir Meta visited today the capital’s Fire Department, whose practitioners developed a blood donation hearing, in the framework of the initiative that the “Blood Donation Alliance” has undertaken.

In his speech, the President of the Republic, after thanking all the members of the Tirana Fire Department, who with their daily work, sublime attempts and sacrifices, put themselves at risk of saving the property and citizens’ lives, expressed their gratitude for the demonstrated volunteering for joining the human cause of blood donation.

“Your willingness to save lives at anytime, today takes on a more specific meaning, with the noble volunteering you witnessed today to join the extremely humane cause of blood donation.
The profession you have chosen, as difficult as humane and noble, is basically the salvation from the risk of property fires, but above all the salvation of people’s lives. Together with the police and medical emergency you are the three main services in emergency situations.

Your profession requires passion, dedication and especially communication in difficult situations for citizens. Seek to work in the team, because in your work, each of you is an important link, which, if it does not work properly, the whole team suffers. Just as it requires tolerance and sacrifice, because your main goal is to serve and protect the community.

I am convinced that you best embody all of the above features. And do this not only with your daily work, your sublime efforts and sacrifices to save the lives of people, but also with today’s blood donation act, “said President Meta.

“The cause of the Alliance gets its full meaning here, because the humane cause of life’s salvation here in you has a double meaning: You with your firefighter profession put your life at risk and save lives every day, and with blood donation, nowadays, save lives again.

Therefore, I want to thank you for your heart, everything you are doing today and what you do every day of your life!

The last incident of the catastrophe in Greece reminds us of how important your mission is and that you have to rely on everyone in its successful fulfillment, “said the President of the Republic.