President Meta visits the People’s Advocate Institution

President Meta visits the People’s Advocate Institution

President Meta visits the People’s Advocate Institution: Donate Blood and Save Three Life!

The President of the Republic, Mr. Ilir Meta visited today the People’s Advocate Institution, whose employees developed a blood donation hearing, in the framework of the initiative that the “Blood Donation Alliance” has undertaken.

In his speech, the Head of State, accompanied by Ms. Erinda Ballanca, first emphasized the importance of the People’s Advocate Institution, an institution that protects the rights, freedoms and interests of individuals, including minor children.

“It is a special pleasure to be here today in such an important institution as the People’s Advocate, which is a key institution of democracy, of guaranteeing the rights of citizens, of any arbitrary or disturbing behavior by public administration or state authorities. So it is an institution that is and should always be close to the citizens.

Pleasure is double because this institution organizes today this voluntary blood donation hearing for all citizens who need it and it is certainly a very positive moment of solidarity, accountability, humanism.

I would like to especially thank the Ombudsman, Mrs. Erinda Ballanca, as she has been one of the strongest and most committed supporters since the beginning of the Blood Donation Alliance, and I invite them all to become regular blood donors , because they do not only contribute to their health care but also contribute to a human cause, helping all our citizens who need vital blood donation, “said President Meta.

While Mrs. Erinda Ballanca emphasized: “Thank you very much Mr. President! In fact, the idea of blood donation was strongly supported by us, as I actually think it is one of those things that are done with great love without having to become very big. In this framework, our institution supported this initiative and will continue to support it continuously. I want to thank all the staff members who unconditionally make their donation to have the opportunity for someone to have blood when they really need one of those goods that they can not buy and which is only found through humanism and positivism. ”

President Meta also noted: “With regard to blood donation, I want to say that St. Nicholas Teresa has an extraordinary saying addressed to all people around the world who want to do good deeds that maybe each of them we can not do great things, but each of us can do small things with great love.

So, as far as blood donation is concerned, I think it is our task, the institutions, the authorities to make citizens aware that they are inclined to help one another, as they help themselves.
If we all think so, I believe we will have even greater success in the months to come, and we will definitely stabilize this issue. “