President Meta pays a work visit to Shkodra regarding the measures taken for the COVID-19 pandemic: The more we cooperate, the sooner we will return to normal life

President Meta pays a work visit to Shkodra regarding the measures taken for the COVID-19 pandemic: The more we cooperate, the sooner we will return to normal life

Today’s work visit of President Meta in the north of the country continued in Shkodra, where he met with the Prefect of the District, at the same time Chairman of the Local Emergency Commission, Mr. Çesk Millja, Director of Public Health Dr. Astrit Beci, and with the Mayor, Mrs. Voltana Ademi.

Responding to the interest of the media present, the President of the Republic noted that:

“During this visit to the city of Shkodra, I had the pleasure to meet the Prefect of the Region, Mr. Çesk Millja, the Director of Public Health of the Region, Dr. Astrit Beci, and of course the Honorable Mayor of Shkodra, Mrs. Voltana Ademi to get acquainted with the confrontation of this pandemic, which has affected the Region of Shkodra, as well as our entire country.

I am confident that through the cooperation of the Emergency Headquarters, led by the Prefect, the Mayor and her staff, but also all other representatives of local and central government, are all opportunities to manage it in the best way possible this pandemic.

It is very important the cooperation of all citizens in respecting all the restrictions of social distance, the advice of public health authorities, so that not only to isolate all cases and help to heal all those affected by COVID-19, but at the same time to guarantee the defeat of this pandemic as soon as possible and return to normal life as soon as possible.

I would like to thank the Mayor for her commitment and dedication, as well as the staff of the Municipality, in cooperation with the District Emergency Headquarters and all other authorities.

I am convinced that through this cooperation we will protect the health and life of all citizens of the municipality of Shkodra that has a very wide geographical area, from Velipoja to Theth.

I want to invite all citizens to be cooperative in this process! Let no one feel guilty and risk not cooperating to do the test or not to carry out the quarantine process in the suspected cases! As it is not a shame to have COVID-19. It’s a shame to be careless and pass it on to other people, family, neighbors and everyone else. But I believe we are on the right track to improving the situation.

We hope that starting today in the Region of Shkodra, which is undoubtedly a very exposed region, also because of the three border crossing points, which continue to be very active for various services, but also because of other reasons!

I hope and believe a lot in the citizens of Shkodra as well as in their responsibility and cooperation with the local authority. ”

Regarding: “Are the duties assigned by the President of the Republic to the National Security Council being respected? As well as the countries that have the most results in this hour are they are conducting mass tests. There is a reluctance on the part of the government to do so. Due to the information you have, from the lack of capacity or for what reason, because this stoping of both the economy and the movement of life in general, will hit Albania hard? ”, President Meta replied:“ The process of restrictions is a process that is being pursued by most countries, without exception.

All the more so as not to forget the other fact that we are Italy’s direct neighbors, with which we have the greatest human and economic exchanges at the same time. So we have to be patient and we have to respect those restrictions.

Secondly, I believe that through the efficient tracking of all identified cases, as well as through the tests performed due to this traceability, we will be able to isolate all those cases so that we do not have a further distribution, but on the contrary , to have a cure of all the affected persons and of all the hearths created so far.

I strongly believe in their collaborations. The more we cooperate, the more efficient and successful we will be, and the sooner we will return to normal life.”