President Meta wishes to President Trump a Happy 243rd anniversary of United State Independence Day

President Meta wishes to President Trump a Happy 243rd anniversary of United State Independence Day

Honorable Mr. President,

I would like to convey also on behalf of the Albanian people the most sincere and wholehearted congratulations to You on the occasion of the 243rd anniversary of the Independence Day. At this meaningful holiday we wish plenty of success, peace and prosperity to You personally and to all Americans wherever they are.

Every Albanian believes strongly in the solid alliance existing between our two countries, which is based on the historical foundations of a true cooperation and friendship. During the difficult years of the dictatorship and one party-state rule, the United States has been a great example of inspiration and support to overthrow it 30 years ago and to establish pluralism, democracy, the rule of law and free market economy in Albania.

Mr. President, the United States of America, and especially your leadership, continue to serve as an irreplaceable inspiration and support for the Albanian people. It is a lesson of how invaluable and precious are at the present day fundamental human rights and freedoms, democracy and pluralism in the face of challenging anti-value efforts and intentions attempted by local, regional and global actors.

In the capacity of my country’s President, I would like to assure you about the unwavering commitment to strengthen this alliance based on the common democratic principles that firmly bind together the United States of America and Albania.

While thanking You, Mr. President for the sustainable support provided to my country, serving democratic values, fundamental human rights and economic development, I would like to emphasize the importance held by the increase of the United States’ presence in Albania and in the Western Balkans region as well, as a key factor for peace, stability and security.

We are ready for the further strengthening of the bilateral Strategic Partnership in the field of security and in NATO as well, and I believe that under your leadership, we will further strengthen these links and enhance our cooperation. Albania will stand in full solidarity with the United States and resolutely join your efforts in the multilateral forums serving the benefit of peace and prosperity around the world.

I would like to wish through you with special pleasure the Albanian-American community that lives in the United States, which represents an excellent historical juncture and which binds us towards a more promising future for our nations.

Once again Happy United States Independence Day and all the best greetings to you, to your family and to the great American nation as well!

Honorable Mr. President, please accept the expression of my highest consideration!


Ilir Meta