President Meta congratulates President Mattarella about the Italian Republic National Day

President Meta congratulates President Mattarella about the Italian Republic National Day

Honorable Mr. President,

On the occasion of the Italian Republic National Day, please permit me to express also on behalf of the Albanian people, the warmest and most friendly wishes to You personally and to the friendly Italian people as well.

Albania and Italy at the present day enjoy special relations and of a strategic partnership, which are reflected in all areas and dimensions of the bilateral and multilateral cooperation and other regional and international initiatives or organizations. I am pleased to observe that thanks to the tradition and goodwill of both sides, these relationships have become stronger and much more intensive.

Our two friendly peoples, for centuries, interact more and more with each other. The Arbëresh of Italy, an old and sustainable bridge between our countries, as well as the thousands of Albanians who were met with hospitality and support in Italy after the 1990s, have steadily strengthened the friendship between the two countries. I am extremely overjoyed to learn that the number of Italian citizens who are investing, doing business, working, studying or coming to Albania for tourism is increasing every day, making the relations between our two nations even stronger and unsolvable.

I seize this opportunity to express my deep gratitude about the support that You personally and all the Italian authorities and institutions are providing to Albania in the framework of our European integration process. We are lucky to count upon such an extraordinary advocate and supporter like Italy throughout the fulfillment of our aspiration.

Distinguished friend,

While the COVID-19 pandemic is striking the whole world and our countries, I would like to wish that together, with well-thought and coordinated efforts, with wisdom and strength, we would be able to overcome this situation, to return as soon as possible to the normality of everyday life and also to have a better future for all of us.

Alongside with the best wishes for your health and happiness, as well as my desire to continue together the further strengthening of the friendly relations between our two countries, please accept, Mr. President, the assurances of my highest consideration!

Ilir Meta