President Meta congratulates President Mattarella about the National Day of the Italian Republic

President Meta congratulates President Mattarella about the National Day of the Italian Republic

Honorable Mr. President,

Dear friend!

I cherish the great pleasure on the occasion of the National Day of the Italian Republic, to convey to You and the friendly Italian people the most heartfelt and friendly congratulations!

I feel very happy to praise today the excellent historical and multidimensional relations existing between Albania and Italy, which, thanks to our strategic partnership, are continuously being enriched and strengthened, both in the bilateral and multilateral dimension, in the framework of the regional and international organizations’ initiatives.

I am very pleased to also note that, even under the very difficult circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic for the whole world, both our countries and our peoples, once again demonstrated their brotherly love, solidarity and friendship, standing next to each other, easing the grief and consequences of this worldwide pandemic.

We are grateful to you for the sincere help you provided to my country and the Albanian people in these difficult days, which demonstrate the stability and sincerity of our relations and also the guarantee that they will become even better in the future.

Mr. President, at the core of these relations, lies the centuries-old history of the Arbëresh community in Italy and at the same time the Albanian emigration after the ’90s, who, only thanks to the hospitable spirit of your people, found a warm refuge to be integrates and also to contribute at the same time, to a society of profound European values, provided a unique example for the today and for the international challenges and dynamics that humanity faces at the present days.

I am happy to re-iterate today that thanks to the excellent cooperation enjoyed on regional security issues and beyond by our countries, as two NATO member countries, we view Italy as the powerful advocate for Albania’s European integration process and we are very grateful for this and for all your unceasing support provided to Albania and also to the place it deserves amidst the great European family.

Please accept Mr. President, honorable and dear friend, while re-iterating once again the feelings of the deep friendship of the Albanian people, my highest esteem!