President Meta wishes a Merry Christmas to the Christian believers and the entire Albanian people

President Meta wishes a Merry Christmas to the Christian believers and the entire Albanian people

Christmas is a special and important day for the Christian believers and a beautiful holiday for the entire Albanian people.

Let us rejoice in the closeness, warmth and wonderful family atmosphere that Christmas creates, to share with our loved ones heartfelt wishes, especially for more health, happiness, well-being and prosperity.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our celebrations this year are by no means what we would have liked to have happened.

Our thoughts and prayers on this Christmas Eve go primarily to those whom this calamity forever separated from their family, relatives and loved ones!

It is vital that each of us take on high personal and human responsibilities, that this Christmas, we limit our actions to stop spreading COVID-19 by staying at home, as the best way to express your love to your loved ones.

Stay home this Christmas!

Stay close to your family!

This is today the highest form of expression of love for life, for your relatives and friends.

I know it is not easy, so solidarity and understanding is required from all, to accept this new reality in our lives.

My warmest wishes for complete health and long life, go today to all those affected by COVID-19, especially to the hospitalized, who will celebrate this Christmas away from their loved ones.

You do not have to feel alone!

Consider your doctors and nurses as your family members, because they are the ones who take care of your health every day.

This is a test you must go through with courage and bravery in the name of life and your family.

I have a heartfelt congratulations to all the employees of the health system, to the doctors, nurses, paramedics and support staff, on the front line of coping with COVID-19, while thanking them for the sacrifices, dedication, resilience and strength, witnessing to us every day in this fight which is not at all easy.

My wishes to all the civil servants, that this Christmas they will not be near their families, but in our service.

May this Christmas serve as a moment of reflection for all of us, to strengthen solidarity, humanity and compassion, especially for the elderly, the lonely and the needy, as well as to restore hope to the wonderful youth, not to leave our Homeland anymore, due to the lack of faith and opportunities.

With much love, humility, without irritating selfishness and arrogance, without greed, noise and useless words, to serve the citizens and to transmit kindness and service from one to another, in all our dear society and Albania, our common family.

I have special wishes, of course, for the most beautiful and bright stars of this Christmas, the children, especially those who are born on this Christmas Ever, as well as for their wonderful parents, who today celebrate more than us.