President Meta wishes a Happy Easter to Albanian Christian Orthodox believers

President Meta wishes a Happy Easter to Albanian Christian Orthodox believers

Dear Albanian citizens!
Dear Orthodox believers!

I wish a happy and a white Easter to all! Happy Easter for many years and wish good health, kindness and prosperity in every family!

This year, an invisible enemy, who is conditioning our daily thoughts and behaviors, forces us not to celebrate this Great and Holy Feast as we would like. We will not be able to take the Light of the Resurrection in the Church today and pass it from hand to hand, to take it to our homes.

But the Risen Christ teaches us, “DO NOT HAVE FEAR!”. His true disciples must become “the light of the world”. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

With the courage and hope that the Risen Christ gives us and with the Resurrection within us, let us experience this Blessed Day and its message in the depths of our hearts and souls, and spread it not only within our families but also to our relatives and our friends who are physically away from us, to the elderly, the sick, the lonely, and the most needy.

Let us give today more nationwide solidarity and peace, with simple words and deeds of love, let us share today our goodness and joy, to illuminate the dark gaps of divisions, inner emptiness, loneliness and poverty, especially of those who suffer from misery, pain and abandonment.

Let us spread today the Light of Resurrection to all, to support each other in the general battle to free ourselves from fear and the pandemic, and to unite with one another in a new endeavor for the good of the freedom of spirit, of justice, truth, prosperity, understanding, reconciliation, brotherhood and our human dignity.

Let us pray today for the heroes of our day, doctors and nurses, and for everyone who is at the forefront of protecting the health and safety of every citizen. But even for the priests and clergy who while working on their divine and noble mission are doing so much for all of us in these extremely difficult moments, especially for the most afflicted communities.

I have a special wish today for the dear community of Albanians in Greece and the United States of America, deeply affected by the pandemic, and for all our compatriots everywhere in the world.

I wish for us all to celebrate Easter with renewed spirit, energy and hope, with real resurrection in our souls and hearts, for a society of solidarity and common responsibility.