President Meta wishes the Holy Month of Ramadan to Albanian Muslim believers

President Meta wishes the Holy Month of Ramadan to Albanian Muslim believers

Dear sisters and brothers,

Dear Albanian Muslim believers,

Happy Holy Month of Ramadan, of the exaltation and purification of the soul!

Easy, healthy and accepted fasting, with everlasting wellfare and prosperity in your families and homes!

The difficult days we are going through due to COVID-19 pandemics have deprived us this year of experiencing prayers in the mosque and of joint iftars, forcing us to experience Ramadan as a prophetic sacrifice with prayers to God on ourselves and with our families.

We have an obligation to follow a prophetic message: “If you hear of an epidemic in a country, do not go there, if there is an epidemic in the place where you are, do not leave. “Those who have contagious diseases stay away from others.”

Let us not forget the Quranic verses and the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad that “there is no doubt that relief is after hardship. Indeed, relief comes after hardship. ”

As never before, with courage and nationwide solidarity, let us face this common challenge and rejoice in the happiness bestowed on us by staying at home with our children and parents.

Let us pray together, physically away but close to each other with spirit and heart, and let us rekindle the most beautiful feelings, purify our consciences, repent of our mistakes, and rekindle hopes for the best days to come.

For more hope and faith, love, peace and social cohesion, brotherhood, justice and solidarity! Because these are also the prophetic messages to be conveyed in this Holy Month.

Let us reflect with faith in God, to do what is possible for the spiritual, moral and social cleansing of our society, especially the youth and the family!

Pray for the heroes of our day, for the doctors and nurses, who on the front line are fighting every day to protect the health of each of us. But also for the imams and clerics who are trying so hard to help us in these difficult times.

To be close to our parents, the elderly and the abandoned, orphans and people in need, who need us more than ever. Just as the Holy Teachings instruct us to share our goodness and joy with them, to give them hope and happiness in every heart afflicted with pain, despair, and poverty.

I have a special wish today for all Albanians in Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Luginë, Malësi and in the Diaspora, may God accept their fasting, prayers and good deeds, and may this month bring them prosperity, kindness and peace in their families!

Sacrifices bring our hearts closer and unify our hope that better days will surely come!