President Meta wishes Muslim believers about the Holy Month of Ramadan

President Meta wishes Muslim believers about the Holy Month of Ramadan

Dear Albanian Muslim believers,

Wholeheartedly I wish you and the whole people, a Happy and Blessed Month of Ramadan, the month of sacrifices and reflection, as well the month of giving endless and powerful proofs of our faith in God!

May you have an easy, healthy and accepted fasting, prosperity and  benevolence in your families, and God help you to succeed and fulfill and conduct it as best a s possible!

This magnificent Month not only exalts the soul and cleanses it from vices, but it also shines the mind and restores joy. Ramadan represents the challenge that man has to overcome through the fulfillment of his responsibilities before God, but also before the family, society and the nation. More hope and faith, love, peace and social cohesion, brotherhood, justice, and solidarity – these are the messages we are conveying and extending this Month!

The time we live reflects many problems within the Albanian families, but also in our entire society. The lack and absence of love, solidarity and humanity, injustice, corruption, arrogance and infinite and inflated ego, anger and envy, personal interest, and greed, often severely and harshly affect social balance and the best religious, human and national values ​​we are proud of.

The youth at the present is affected by crime, drugs, gambling and betting, by abandonment of education and lack of the quality of education, suffering from unemployment and other negative phenomena. In this sacred month, we reflect on doing what is possible for the spiritual, moral and social cleansing of our youth and to strengthen the strongest pillar of society and the family.

We need, and fasting provides us with this opportunity to repent of our mistakes and apologize to God for everything, improving in the function of embracing the best divine and human values ​​that enable us to have a more prosperous future, in the European family.

Let this Month serve us as a clear message that we should jointly strive and, despite the sacrifices that are being sought from us, try and bring our hearts closer together, extend the hand of cooperation and join and unify our concerns and find solution for them. The country needs hope and united we must, and we can do it!