President Meta wishes Eid al-Adha to Muslim believers

President Meta wishes Eid al-Adha to Muslim believers

Dear Albanian Muslim believers!
Happy Eid al-Adha!

On this holy, festive and uniting day, when we share our prosperity with people in need and stand in solidarity with them as well, I would like wish you from the heart for as much kindness, understanding and love in your families and among each other!

May this festive day that proves our religious harmony and co-existence incited and urge us for more tolerance, inclusive dialogue and cooperation, so we can build together a better and prosperous future for the younger generations and an Albania like the rest of Europe!

The symbolizing day of the sublime sacrifice in the name of the best human and divine values too, invites us to rise and stand tall above personal interests, to think more about our common national interest, to heal once and for all the profound wounds of our society such as poverty, corruption, excessive polarization, arrogance and injustice, to care for and increase our attention about orphan children, the elderly, the lonely people, and for all those struggling with adversities, difficulties and illnesses.

United around the best human, divine and national values, tightening our ranks around the family and the nation, we will succeed and make it, regardless of the costs and challenges that might be required to pay and overcome!

Happy Eid al-Adha for many years to come!