President Meta wishes a Happy Easter to the Albanian Catholic and Evangelical believers

President Meta wishes a Happy Easter to the Albanian Catholic and Evangelical believers

Dear Catholic and Evangelical believers, Albanian brothers and sisters everywhere: HAPPY EASTER!

May the light of God always enlighten your heart and your families!

The Pandemic, for the second year, forces us to celebrate far from each other physically, but much closer spiritually, this sacred and inspiring day, announcing the triumph of life over death, of good over evil, of light and hope over darkness and despair, of right and truth over injustice and falsehood, of humanism and compassion over greed and arrogance.

With faith in God and in solidarity with one another we have found the strength and courage to overcome countless trials in these difficult times. We have tried to be more cooperative to build a better, more peaceful and prosperous tomorrow for the people in need and for the secure future of our people and Albania.

Joining your prayers for the speedy recovery of relatives affected by the pandemic, we still need to pay more attention especially to the needy, the sick and the infirm, children and the elderly who deserve more support, concrete help, support and greater love from us.

The country needs hope for the eagles to return and stay in their nest, where they can live in peace and build a secure future, as Pope Francis instructed us during his historic visit to Tirana.

The light that is born today, I am convinced that it will ignite even more hope and courage in the heart and mind of every Albanian, to defeat evil with faith in God, wherever it is and in whatever form it appears.

Better days await us and they will definitely come!

Goodness, peace, prosperity and happiness prevail in every family!